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7 Best Runway Makeup Trends that will rule in 2018

14 January, 2018

Hello, lovelies! How have you all been? Hope your week was as kickass as mine. Here’s your weekly reminder: Stay positive and keep doing your thang yo! During my winter vacation (like not really), except for binge eating, I literally went into the runway world. It was food and runway shows all day, err day (My kinda Netflix and chill). Not just fashion but this time I jot down all the beauty trends that fascinated me and trust me when I tell you this, a new wave of trends will hit us this time......

How to wear Ultraviolet - Pantone's 2018 Color of the Year

06 January, 2018

Hope you all had a kickass start to 2018! I am sending you wonderful people a warm and huge hug from my side (catch it). A big thank you to you all who stopped by my tiny corner of the web, we’ve made it to a new year. Yay! I am totally not a resolution kinda person. But I hope when I look back at 12 months from now, I find myself delivering great content consistently. They say “Consistency is the key” and it’s time to follow their path. But with this, I have sworn to myself that no matter wh......

What to wear on New Year From Day to Night

27 December, 2017

We are just a few days away from bidding 2017 a goodbye. It feels like we welcomed 2017 yesterday with much fanfare and a heart full of hopes. How quickly did this year pass? I just want to sit and reminisce everything; the good, the bad EVERYTHING! I read this somewhere on the internet “2017 was a weird year because I was somehow living the best and worst life at the same time” and nothing ever made this much sense to me. On the personal front, it was a cray cray year. Met so many new people......

How to dress for Christmas at the last minute

23 December, 2017

Hello there! Hope you all are having a good time out there and in all spirits for Christmas and New Year. I am sure you all have prepared everything, from gifts to parties. But there’s one thing we all take a little lightly at times and that is our outfit. So, today's post is about Christmas outfits....

How to dress the way YOU want with Confidence

03 December, 2017

One fine day, I got a DM on Instagram from a girl who feels that fashion is not for her because of her weight and style preferences. She is not one of those girly girls who’d doll up for a party, frilly lace doesn’t do any good to her, she dresses for comfort and makeover sends shiver down her back yet she wants to look the best of her”. All these things took me back to time and today the girl behind those pretty pictures of “Binge on Basics” wasn’t even a bit like this, 3 years back. She love......

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