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4 Tips For Looking & Feeling More Fabulous

08 January, 2022

Valentines Day Looks White Maxi and Romantic Braid
Life is too short to not love yourself inside and out. It’s ultimately up to you to find ways to enhance your mood and beauty over time. This way you can have more self-confidence and get to a better place with yourself and in your life....

Top Indo Western fashion trends to look out for this year

10 November, 2020

Indo Western Styling
With the Go Vocal for Local culture taking the Indian market by storm, we are watching so many influencers and celebrities diving into the Indo Western fashion trends. We are supporting the local artisans and embracing our ethnicity more than ever now. This shift and interest in Indian clothes and accessories have deeply impacted our styling preferences. Our love for all things Indian is quite evident in what we are wearing now. Gone are the days, when everyone was going gaga over fast fashion w......

Why Are You Not Making Money As A Social Media Influencer

09 September, 2020

How to make money Banner
You made that Instagram page. You are super pumped and every day you are thinking of what to post. You started pushing tons of content day in and day out. You did it for months, shed tears, sweat, and all your energy into it. Now you are starting to question “Is all of this worth it?”. You have entered the vicious cycle, where you feel like that guinea pig running around the wheel over and over again. You are exhausted but you cannot stop because you are clinging to the feeble thread of hope tha......

Get your Wardrobe Ready for Summer with This Nifty Guide

10 July, 2020

Summer Wardrobe Nifty Guide Banner
It’s officially July, which means it’s sweltering outside. Things are finally opening up and as much as we would love to stay comfortable in our homes, we have to accept that the present situation is the new normal. I am still urging people to stay inside their homes until it is absolutely necessary to go out. But, if you are among the ones, who cannot avoid going outside, I am here to get your wardrobe summer-ready....

How to go ahead with the grown up gap year

26 May, 2020

Grown up gap year cover
We've all heard of the Gap year, right? When students take a year off to head out and travel, get some life experience, and then come home to continue their studies. Gap years are brilliant. They help you grow as a person, learn about the world we live in, and give you a well-deserved rest from all of the education you’ve had since you were a child. Personally, I wanted a gap year after my high school but I could never convince my parents to allow me to have a year for self-growth and majorly to......

How to create epic Instagram content at home

14 May, 2020

Creative Ideas Cover
Creators will continue to create no matter what the circumstances are. Without creators, the world would have come to a standstill by now. I think that we all concur with this. The only way to get rid of this continuous boredom is to make sure that your everyday routine has something exciting in it other than ways to increase your stress levels. And what can be that, I asked myself. I came up with just one answer “Open up all the windows when you can’t open the doors”....

Guide to style your shoes the fashionista way

18 December, 2019

Block heels
Before the year ends, I would like to bring to you “The best guide to style your shoes the fashionista way this winter”. As we all know that shoes are the most crucial aspect of any look. No matter how much you splurge on your outfit, without the right shoes, the whole look can sink at an instant. This makes it essential to choose the right footwear as per the ensemble and the occasion....

7 simple tips to get you prepared for a solo trip

13 November, 2019

Enjoy your company
Traveling is an experience that can far enrich our lives and allow us to create some truly amazing memories. The decision to travel alone is one that’s both exciting and daunting too. The experience can often feel all the more daunting if it’s something that you’ve never done before. If you’re looking for a few simple tips to prepare for solo travel, take a look at these!...

How to have a luxury vacation at Amatra by the Ganges

13 August, 2019

Amatra by the Ganges
The definition of luxury vacation differs from one person to another. For some, it is all about spending a fun-filled weekend with family in a private villa while for others it may be as good witnessing sunsets or gazing at the stars in an exotic location. For me, it will be a place where the blue skies meet the crashing waves of a river. I did some digging in the oh-so-good internet and stumbled upon the unbeatable idea of a luxury vacation at Amatra by the Ganges, Haridwar....

How to select fashionably comfortable Women's Golf Clothing

13 August, 2019

Comfortable yet stylish golf clothes for women
When playing sports it is important to look good and feel good about yourself. One sport which is becoming more and more popular amongst women is golf. Moreover, the style of clothing which women wear whilst playing the sport is becoming a lot more unique and diversified. This is great because it means that women can express themselves with their clothing and they do not have to feel as if they need to copy what everyone else is wearing....

6 International Destinations to visit under 50K INR in 2019

06 August, 2019

International Destination under 50k
For those bitten by the travel bug or for those who thought traveling internationally is really expensive, we bring to you a set of international destinations you can visit with the budget of under 50K INR which is very close to the budget of national travel. Whether you love beaches or mountains, enjoy wildlife or art, all these destinations cover you for what you seek while traveling. Next time if you’re planning to visit any state in India, think about these destinations, chip in a bit more a......

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