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How to dress the way YOU want with Confidence

05 December, 2017

One fine day, I got a DM on Instagram from a girl who feels that fashion is not for her because of her weight and style preferences. She is not one of those girly girls who’d doll up for a party, frilly lace doesn’t do any good to her, she dresses for comfort and makeover sends shiver down her back yet she wants to look the best of her”. All these things took me back to time and today the girl behind those pretty pictures of “Binge on Basics” wasn’t even a bit like this, 3 years back. She love......

How to wear the Brightest Trend of the Year: Volume II

15 November, 2017

Good morning girls. After a long long break, it feels like an eternity that I have created some creative and experimental outfits for you guys. I love fashion and I love creating looks with the current fashion trends and it is no less than obvious that color trend is my fav fav section to work upon. I have something for color trends I guess. Well, last time I unfolded the color of the season and an outfit idea. Today, it’s the Volume second of the series “How to wear the brightest trend of the y......

How to wear the Brightest Trend of the Year: Volume I

10 November, 2017

Bidding goodbye to Millennial Pink and welcoming the official colour of fall 2017 in this post. From tomato red to rich wine, the colour red has taken over the world. Following the color trend and investing in them is quite uncertain but not this time you guys! When the colour of the season is universally favoured, then it’s quite safe proof and easy to follow the colour trend. Talking about the colour, it never went out of fashion, it was always there hanging in our closet but now it’s time we ......

How to look stylish in the most comfortable way possible

16 September, 2017

If you are anything like me, the one who would prefer extra hours of sleep instead of blow drying their hair in the morning, who swears to wear heels the very next time and who is always searching for ways to make their basic outfits look stylish, then my girls, PRAISE THE LORD! Because you’ve just landed to the right place. The story is same with each one of us, as the time to get ready rolls in the morning, we groggily opt for slip-ons and the same denim trousers. Comfort is the thing we’ve be......

How to make perfect minimalist look with neutral colors

03 September, 2017

It’s been a month that I started writing this blog. Yayy! I can now officially celebrate my first month happy anniversary with my beloved blog. You and your friends are also invited to join me in my celebrations. I must say this has been a terrific first month and I am overwhelmed with the responses that I am getting from you all. Thank you. I was digging up my blog posts yesterday (it is supposedly my favorite thing to do nowadays) when I found out one common thing between all the articles that......

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