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How to style pretty floral dresses in winter

05 December, 2018

Sassy Stripes Floral Dress For Winter
As you all know that winter is knocking on our doors and I can finally say that “Winter is here” aloud. Okay, admit it you too have waited winters to show up so that you can say the exact same lines on top of your lungs. I have seen people hating the winter season because they have to put their summer wardrobe at bay, nobody wants to leave their bed and everybody is practically in hibernation mode. We become too lazy to do even the smallest of things. Inactivity increases and your willingness to......

Everything you need to know to nail the perfect wedding makeup look

01 December, 2018

Mattlook Cosmetics Wedding Makeup Look
I know I have been writing a lot these days. All thanks to my college and the semester exams. Yup, this is the only time when you would find me writing too much. I mean just go through my blog archive and you will know. Admit it, exams are the times when our brain suddenly becomes hyperactive and gets loaded with amazingly creative ideas. I am a very creative person myself and thus, I totally get drifted away to creating content whenever I am stressing. For some stress eating helps. For me stres......

Know why vacation rental in Goa is the right choice for you

24 November, 2018

GoaVilla Estate Luxurious Holiday Homes in Goa
If you are planning to trot Goa anytime soon, then you have landed yourself to the right place. As the title suggests, I will be telling you 7 reasons to go for vacation rentals rather than hotels when you are in Goa. You must be thinking why not hotels? Well keep reading on and you will know. After you finish reading, I am sure you are going to go on a holiday rental search and in the next few weeks, you will find yourself enjoying by the beachside. Yes, the reasons are that compelling....

10 Important safety tips every solo traveler should know

17 November, 2018

Solo Travel Safety Tips
Just a few more days to the beginning of a new year. And as usual, my excitement levels are way too high. I can't just blame the New Year for my keen interest. Why not? Well, your girl here is having her semester exams and that said, you now know where is all this excitement coming from. During exams, even the most monotonous things seem to occupy the top spot in my "Top 10 interesting things to do before you die" list. This is the story of every student I guess. After studying for about half an......

7 Things You Could Do in a gap year to make it unforgettable

16 November, 2018

Bhagsu Waterfall McLeodganj
Today it’s some soul talk time. I have to admit that I am a fashion junkie and I always tend to write about the snazziest of the fashion trends. It is like my mind never sleeps and all I am thinking of is “Which fashion trend will be the next big hit?”. Crazy, right. Whenever someone is passionate about doing something, they are going to do it, no matter what. Now the question here is, “Was I always this passionate?”...

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