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31 July, 2017

As I sip on my cold coffee, stare at the wall and start recollecting stories hidden beneath the surface of my memories, I started reminiscing my childhood days. Soon, I was stepping back in time where I realised how utterly butterly witty the Amul ad girl was, how much terrified I used to get while watching the devil who would appear from behind an Onida TV with a shattered screen, wearing a sinful smile saying, ‘Neighbour’s envy, owner’s pride’ advertisement (ONLY 90’s KID WILL GET THIS LOL), the feeling of being a pro painter while colouring my classic Bata canvas shoes, standing out in the crowd on birthdays by wearing the nicest dress to the school ditching the regular school uniform like a boss and oh cheers to the time when girls can be topless too (flat chest everyone).

These episodes opened a thousand windows to my juvenescence days that left me completely dazed. I will fall short of words because no words can do justice to the golden era we’ve dived through and I can’t explain you the urge I got to travel back in time. Well, thanks to the game that fashion loves to play which helped me to feel the 90’s vibe all over again. For those days when you’re in a mood to do a throwback, you’ll be delighted to know that a pair of flared jeans has got the power to bring the vintage charm to your look.


Street Style Store Black Jeans


This black flared jean from Jabong surely fetches some poise. If you are into flares– who isn’t lately – this might be a feast for your eyes. I was never quite confident of this trend but then I thought I might just give it a try. After all, it seems to be so comfy, it’s tough to miss out on. Being a firm believer of positivity, love and hope, I couldn’t stop myself from buying this Believe patched t-shirt I found at Reliance Trends store. Gone are the days of wearing our heart on our sleeve, now we wear our mind on our tees. While slogan tees are becoming the rage of the season I advise you to add at least one to your summer wardrobe and do all the talking without saying a word.

Reliance Believe Patched Black Tee

Jabong Ether Black Flared Jeans Jabong Flared Jeans with Street Style Store Boots

Jabong Ether Black Flared Jeans with SSS Boots

I don’t think I need to disclose that I am a big fan of everything black, so black flared jeans and believe patched T-shirt was too perfect to avoid. There are tons of ways to style a flared jeans but my favourite one is with a black tee and boots. I love the fact that it’s not too girly, a bit edgy which really goes with my style. How can I not mention about the golden glasses my mom feels are for someone in their 50’s but boy’o’boy, it did justice to the rock and roll style I wanted to channel by making a statement.


Reliance Trends Believe Patch T-Shirt Jabong Flared Jeans with Street Style Store Boots

Jabong Ether Black Flared Jeans Reliance Trends T-Shirt and HnM Golden Glares

While slogan tees can be paired with anything (literally anything) to channel the casual cool vibe, flares can instantly add drama to your outfit. Do not shy away from trying out new trends and never stop creating. But always remember, whatever we wear, it should make us happy and confident. Try not to leave your comfort behind. Your outfit should reveal the idea that you want the world to perceive. Yeah I wanted to show you that how would I look in the ninetees haha!


Reliance Trends Believe Patch T-Shirt and HnM Glares Full Black Women Outfit


HnM Golden Glares


Get my look here - Jeans – Ether (Jabong)

T-Shirt – Reliance Trends

Boots – Street Style Store

Watch – Fastrack

Glasses – H&M

Picture Credits – Rudraaksh

With this, I think I can end my first post here today with the hope that you liked this look as much as I did. Do let me know your reactions on this post by rating it or leave me a comment below. I would absolutely love to hear from you all. In addition to this, you can stay updated about more such trends just by subscribing to Binge on Basics for free in the footer section below.


Sayanti Mahapatra.