How to make perfect minimalist look with neutral colors

03 September, 2017

It’s been a month that I started writing this blog. Yayy! I can now officially celebrate my first month happy anniversary with my beloved blog. You and your friends are also invited to join me in my celebrations. I must say this has been a terrific first month and I am overwhelmed with the responses that I am getting from you all. Thank you :)

I was digging up my blog posts yesterday (it is supposedly my favorite thing to do nowadays) when I found out one common thing between all the articles that have been published so far now. All my blog posts are INSPIRATIONAL articles. By now many of you must have started thinking “What on the earth I am talking about”? First things first, Inspirational articles are my experiences that I have shared with you which may have inspired many of you. Many of you might have tried on these looks that were featured in my posts. Some of you might have sported these looks flawlessly and unfortunately some of you might have failed too. The reason my styled look not working right for you is very simple and straight. You and I are different personalities and we have different body types, skin tone and an entire set of different characteristics. When I put together multiple outfits to create one look, I style it considering my body type and my characteristics. Because I am not present at the time you trying the same look, I cannot really help you with that. My post “The Flared Jeans Edit” is one such article. 

Now, what is exactly the problem with such articles? I mean inspiring someone is not everyone’s cup of tea. Isn’t it my job to inspire young girls? I kept asking my inner self continuously these questions endlessly until I got my answer. When I started this blog, I wanted to help people understanding the basics of styling (obviously because I am studying about this and I can say that I am a SME in this area). Rather than focusing on inspirational articles, I must focus on INFORMATIONAL articles that add some values to you all. Though I tried adding value to my posts with this DIY Front Center Knotted Tee but this was something not the best of me.

This made me work on a post that will add some value to my readers and they will understand the basics of styling, color schemes, adding drama to the look and most importantly loving oneself. It took me around 2 weeks to finish up, because I wanted this to be really helpful to everyone who reads this.

How to make perfect minimalist look with Neutral colors

Today, I will be guiding you to make perfect minimalist look with neutral colors. We have two technical jargons here. Minimalist and Neutral Colors.

Minimalist – Minimalist refers to something that is utterly simple and characterized by keeping things very minimal. While creating a minimal look we should not focus on putting too many items together, instead should stick to minimal amount of basic pieces.

Neutral Colors – We have certain warm colors, preferably the red family and certain cool colors, preferably the blue family. Neutral colors are neither warm nor cool. They are the earthly tones which help to tone down the overpowering colors. We generally match neutral colors with either the warm ones or the cool ones to balance out the color scheme. Black, white, grey, beige, ivory, brown and tan are considered the neutral colors.

There is a fashion rule (for me it’s a myth now) which states “Do not wear colors from the same color family”. So you should not wear red and orange together or blue and green together or white and beige together. Well I believe in experimenting and after doing a lot of study work on this theory I feel “Creativity should not have any rules”.  And because “Change is the only constant”, we should change for the better. Filling up my mind with all these quotes, I styled a look keeping my every reader first than myself.  I chose to go with the Neutral Color family because I wanted to create a minimalist look. Warm and cool colors tend to fill up a look with so much excitement that it would not remain minimalistic.

#Step 1 – White Shirt

The first color that came in my mind was “White”. It serves both my purposes of Neutral colors and Minimalism. I took up a white basic cotton shirt and buttoned it down slightly to give that cold shoulder effect.

Classic white shirt for women for creating minimalist look | Go neutral with classic white shirt

Classic white shirt for minimalist look with neutral color | Hoop Earrings to accessorize minimal

#Step 2 – Beige Skirt

Beige is another neutral color. Beige is one of the hottest fall trends, so why not welcome fall with some of it. In addition to this, this mini beige skirt is complementing the white shirt and giving a subtle and calming effect to the overall look.

Mixing up neutral colors White, Beige and Tan to create a minimalist lookNeutral colors - White, Beige and Tan to make that perfect minimalist look

How to make perfect minimalist look with neutral colors | Neutral colors mixed together to make a minimalist lookHow to wear multiple neutral colors together and break the stereotype - Don't wear colors from the same color family

#Step 3 – Tan sandals

My third neutral addition to this list is Tan sandals. Now you can clearly see the how I am gradually moving from the lighter White to the darker Tan. This creates a perfect color palette with lighter shades to the top and darker ones at the bottom, without disturbing the minimalism.

Tan sandals blended with beige skirt and white shirt | Minimalist Look | Neutral Color PaletteNeutral color palette from top to button with lighter shade white at the top and darker shade tan at the bottom.

#Step  4 – Accessorize

Keeping harmony with both the minimalism and neutral colors, I decided to pair up this outfit with a simple geometrical hoop earrings and double layered bracelet. I always insist on wearing accessories because they are crucial too and they help in accentuating your look. Check out my article “How to wear jewellery the right way” to get familiar with the basics of styling your outfits with statement jewellery pieces.

I spotted these geometrical hoop earrings and double layered bracelet from SHRe Jewellery’s Instagram and made up my mind to incorporate them in my minimalist look. Why I have so much love for these earrings and bracelet? These are statement pieces which means you can style them effortlessly with any outfit, be it your next date or a corporate presentation. These are go-to pieces and I firmly believe in investing on things that have the potential to blend with literally anything. These are not the only ones, you can check out their entire collection of statement pieces from their Instagram and Facebook pages. Links are present in the outfit section below.

Statement Jewellery Pieces - Geometrical Hoop Earrings Perfect for every occassion | Minimal Jewellery

Statement Jewellery - Double Layered Bracelet - Perfect for every occassion | Minimal Jewellery

#Step 5 – Minimal Makeup

For this look I preferred a very minimal touch up, so that it creates a balance between my outfit and accessories. A bold make up would have ruined the minimalism, not to mention.

Statement Geometrical Hoop Earrings with minimal makeup and neutral color palette for perfect minimalist lookStatement Hoop Earrings | Minimal make up | Minimal Jewellery | Minimalistic Look

#Pro Tip

I selected a white background for this post. I know you have guessed it already “Minimalism and Neutral Colors”. Well, you are partially right. But that is not all, white background creates more natural light which means better pictures. Simple!

I am giving out my outfit details below. I strongly recommend understanding the idea behind this look before trying it out. Remember, basics are crucial and you need to know the concepts before applying or breaking the rules.

Outfit Details:

White Shirt – H&M

Beige Skirt – DKNY

Tan Sandals – Amazon Fashion

Geometrical Hoop Earrings and Double Layered Bracelet – Shre Jewelry | Facebook | Instagram

I hope I added some value to this post and it will surely help you to understand the basics and know the steps to look after before styling any look. I would absolutely love to hear from you. Do leave your comments below. Not know what to say, just leave me Smiles, Hearts and Stars above and I will be happy. I am going to create a styling guide sooner that will help you understand the basics of styling and trust me it’s going to be vast and super helpful. That is why I insist you to Subscribe to my blog posts so that you get early access to the styling guide as soon as it launches. Hurry up!