My travel plans made easy with Paytm

01 August, 2018

Hey guys,

How are you all doing? I hope that you all enjoying the recent weather changes. Well, I must say that God is really happy with me. Every time I come home, the city is showered with plenty of rainfall. Next time, do call me when you want it to rain, lol. It’s monsoon season and needless to mention, it is overwhelming. There is, however, one thing that this huge downpour has disturbed. My travel plans! Yeah, this is my final year and I am planning on a few trips before this year ends. Most importantly because after my graduation, I don’t know how much time I would get to spend with my family and what life has in store for me. So, I am going to make the best of these moments. I have started to plan for a few trips starting in August. Raise your hands high up if August makes you as cheerful as it makes me. For the ones who have no idea what I am talking about, Doh! August marks the beginning of the festival season. We have Friendship Day, Independence Day and Raksha Bandhan coming up next. More festivals mean more travel opportunities and celebrations double up when it falls during a long weekend. I am sure you all will be looking forward to this, even if you are just travelling to your hometown after this monotonous April-May-June quarter.

Okay, so since travel was on my mind, I started making a list of places I wanted to visit. I started writing down the names of all the places that I can cover up in the next 2-3 days. The list was ready, the dates were ready. All I had to do was booking the tickets. I may be doing many things but one thing I am just not good at is being tech savvy. So booking train tickets online was a strenuous task for me. Those who know me well would know that technology is not my thing. I turn to my geeky nerdy sister without a second thought. I went up to her with a gleeful face and asked her to book my tickets. She said NO. Wait, what? A No. My smile turned into a frown and with puppy eyes, I once again asked her to book the tickets (super polite way this time btw). But her answered remained the same, a big fat ugly No. I went to my room contemplating all the things that I may have said to her. I was thinking that maybe it’s Karma payback time when my sister showed up and she gave me her phone, where an app was opened. It was Paytm. Okay, so I thought this was her way of saying sorry. But it was not for that. She asked me to book the train tickets using Paytm. I was about to shed some tears when she informed me that booking train tickets via Paytm is piece of cake for me. She asked me to go through the app and the train booking process and to my utter surprise, it was really simple. With such an effortless and user-friendly interface even a layman can even book train tickets whenever they want through the Paytm App.

For the ones who have not tried to book train booking process via Paytm, I can give you a quick walkthrough (this is so exciting, finally some tech stuff without the Einstein mind, lol). If you haven’t downloaded the Paytm App, then download it first. It’s available for both Android and iOS.

1. Open the Paytm App.

2. Click on the Trains icon.

3. Here you can Book Tickets for your train or Check PNR Status. Click on Book Tickets.

4. Fill in Source and Destination stations and the Departure Date. Click on “Show both non-AC and AC coaches” to filter trains based on your preference of AC or Non-AC coaches.

5. Click on Search Trains button. Now here you get a list of trains with coach type, departure date and time, arrival date and time and source and destination station names.

6. Select your preferred train and click on its coach type to check fare and availability.

7. Once you have decided, click on the fare. Here you are going to be asked to enter your IRCTC user Id for filling in the passenger details.

8. Fill in the passenger details like Name, Age, Berth Preference, Gender etc. You can also add more passenger to this list. Additionally, you can also check the Cancellation and Refund Policy. When you are finished filling the details, click on Proceed to Book.

9. Finally, you can make the Paytm using Paytm Wallet, Netbanking, Debit or Credit Card. All methods are fully secure.

10. Once you have made the payment, you will be redirected to IRCTC website to confirm the booking by logging in to your IRCTC account. I would recommend you to add money to your Paytm wallet prior to your booking. This will help in faster checkout than net banking or credit/debit cards where you have to go through another set of processes make the payment.

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Paytm, Paytm train ticket booking, paytmkaro, travel with paytm, travel hassle free, travel made easy with Paytm, payment major paytm

I am going to tell you some major perks of using the payment major Paytm app for train booking.

1. You can book train tickets in just 50 seconds if you have money in your Paytm wallet prior to booking. Trust me this is going to save a lot of your time. Especially when you are doing Tatkal bookings.

2. In case your booking fails, the money is credited back to your Paytm wallet in just 15 minutes and you can book another one instantly.

3. For cancellations and refunds, the amount is credited back to your account in 7-10 days.

4. There are no hidden costs, zero service charges, zero payment gateway charges (on bookings below 1,000 INR). It’s a Paytm guarantee.

5. 24x7 support is provided by Paytm to address all your queries and concerns regarding the booking process. The customer service can also provide you with the required assistance for booking trains. The helpline number is 9555395553.

6. Paytm is also known for their wonderful cashback schemes, so you can constantly keep a check on the new cashback offers and apply the promo code while checkout.

I am cent percent sure that you are going to use Paytm the next time you book your train tickets. So stop messing around and #Paytmkaro for all your train bookings. Before leaving don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family. Encourage them to book all train tickets via Paytm’s hassle-free service. Additionally, let me where is your next vacation going to be and what’s your experience with Paytm Train Booking Service in the comments section below.

Until next time,

Sayanti, xx