Friends of Fashion - Volume I

06 August, 2017

If I ask you, what friendship is, would you be able to define it? Well, all of us have different definitions of friendship and for me it has always started by sliding into my friend’s vocabulary, adapting their manners and blending in each other’s fashion preferences. That’s where this concept crossed my mind and I decided to add this section to my blog. I would be coming up with my friends, where we would take one theme/trend and reveal the best of ourselves together. Creating some statement styles and captivating visuals with a fashion companion is what Friends of Fashion stands for.

Denim Joggers and Denim Skirts

For this section, what better day would it be than Friendship Day? And which friend would accompany you better than an elder sister? To be honest, it is damn hard for an introvert person to make friends and so it was with me as well. Being a radical introvert in my childhood, I had no good friends and my sister was the one with whom I had spent my childhood days the most. She was the only one from whom I got my style back then. I am not ashamed of the fact that I used to imitate her and somewhere I just wanted to be like her. She is the one who made me realise that in a storm of trends, never forget the basics. Hence today I have named my blog as Binge on Basics because I can never get enough of them.

Koovs Denim Skirt

Yepme Denim Joggers

While I was always inclined towards boys’ wardrobes, she has been raiding my mom’s closet. We are that different yet we both fall for the same classic trend denims and that is why we both decided to stick to our loyal lover “Denim”. While I have chosen a denim skirt, she insisted to stick to her favourite denim joggers and a classic white tee. For me, Oh I would take a black t-shirt, a baggy one, a comfy one from my brother's closet. No space for any dilemmas.

Yepme Denim Joggers Koovs Denim SkirtTruffle Collection Fur Sliders

Black, white and blue, what’s next my sister asked. I looked at her and then at my t-shirt and we both knew what we are gonna do next; a knot. Obsessing over knots this season, we both have been wearing t-shirts, shirts and tops with a knot. In a journey of a healthy lifestyle, we both have lost good amount of pounds. Well it means old and extra baggy clothes, a thing which we both enjoy honestly.
At last it was about comfortability for which we both chose sliders. Being the nerdy nerd that she is, I didn’t give upon her specs and that’s how we ended up with for this blog.

Knot Tops with Sliders and Clear AviatorsDenims Sliders and Knot Tops

Outfit Details

Denim Skirt – Koovs

Denim Joggers – Yepme

Fur Sliders – Truffle Collection

Patent Sliders – Mcleodganj Market

Black Tee – thrifted

White Tee- Jack & Jones

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