These are the most spectacular cities to see on upcoming trips

06 February, 2019

When you’re a prolific globetrotter, it’s easy to run out of steam with regards to picking travel destinations. You might feel as if you’ve already seen so much of the world that there can’t be much left to explore. Well, perhaps this list will give you some ideas that you hadn’t previously considered. These are some of the most visually spectacular cities a traveler can hope to visit on their adventures, so you should aim to see some of them on your upcoming trips.

Rome, Italy

As is clearly visible from the picture above, Rome is a visually spectacular city. And that’s just one small snapshot of everything this brilliant place has to offer. Architecturally, both the ancient and modern buildings in Rome are awe-inspiring. You have to see the mighty Colosseum for yourself because it’s even more impressive in person. Pictures can’t do it justice. St Peter’s Basilica is another visually spectacular and culturally significant building to visit whilst you’re in the city too. Once you’re bored of admiring impressive buildings, you should feast your eyes on some of the wonderful Italian food in the capital instead. You have to try out some of the delicious gelato (ice cream) in Rome. As we’ve discussed before, you can find delicious flavors such as Nutella and white chocolate in some dessert bars!

These are the most spectacular cities to see on your upcoming trips. Add them to your travel bucket list right away

Gold Coast, Australia

Located in the state of Queensland, the Gold Coast is a fantastic coastal city that you should most certainly visit if you’re traveling to Australia. Obviously, Sydney is a spectacular city and it’s the location most keen tourists suggest visiting, but you shouldn’t overlook some of the other incredible destinations that this vast country has to offer. It boasts a mesmerizing skyline and a surreal stretch of coastline that looks like the picturesque depiction of a beach from a storybook. But there are plenty of adventures to be had in this wonderful city too. You should head over to if you want help from Australian tour experts to see everything the Gold Coast has to offer. Getting local help is the best way to ensure you don’t miss anything. Make sure you visit the Captain Cook Memorial and Lighthouse, as suggested at It’s a magnificent piece of architecture and well worth the visit.

These are the most spectacular cities to see on your upcoming trips. Add them to your travel bucket list right away

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

To top off this spectacular list of spectacular cities, let’s talk about Rio De Janeiro. If you’re going to visit South America then you must visit Brazil, and you must visit Rio De Janeiro. It has deep historical and cultural roots as a city, but it’s also a visually spectacular city. Just take a look at the picture above. Even if you take away the flourishing metropolis, the rising rills and rock formations are stunning features in themselves. If you’re looking for exciting things to do in the city then you should visit the Museum of Tomorrow. As explained at, it’s a powerful gallery with plenty of exhibits that invite visitors to think more about the planet. Make sure you check out the nearby Olympic Boulevard too. There’s plenty of wonderful food and imaginative art here. If you’re looking to see something visually spectacular then this is definitely the city to visit.

These are the most spectacular cities to see on your upcoming trips. Add them to your travel bucket list right away

Before you leave and explore other travel destinations, make sure to add these three visually spectacular cities in your travel bucket list. Additionally, you can tell me about your experiences, if you had already visited these places before in the comments section below. I would love to hear your travel stories as well. Keep sharing your travel diaries with me and be a wanderlust.

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