What's Getting In The Way Of You Travelling?

28 May, 2019

There is no doubt that being able to travel and see new places is one of the greatest privileges that you can have in life. There's nothing like being able to leave your normal life behind for a while so that you can experience something else and relax for a while. Whether you want to get away from the madness of the modern world with all of its technology and just get off the grid for a while, or you want to explore the cultures of different societies and immerse yourself in the history of other places across the world, traveling is wonderful and millions of people's lives are improved by it every single day. But what if you don't really travel? It's not that uncommon for a lot of people to feel as though being able to travel is something that only a select few can actually manage because they happen to have the perfect circumstances in their life to allow for it. It's the kind of thing that can actually be very discouraging for a lot of people because it makes them feel as though there's no chance that they could possibly do the same. However, that's not the case. The truth is that traveling can be more accessible than you think as long as you make the right choices. With that in mind, here are some of the reasons why you may feel unable to travel, and how you can get around them.


Let's face it, there is one barrier to entry when it comes to traveling that is bigger than just about all of the others: money. There really isn't any way about it, traveling is always going to cost you money. From plane tickets to hotels to food to souvenirs to travel insurance, you're always going to end up spending money when you go away. However, that doesn't mean that there aren't things that you can do in order to reduce the amount of money that you're spending. The best thing you can do is to look for the best possible deals of vacations and flights, even if you're going somewhere on the other side of the world. Looking for the best Galapagos deal gives you the chance to visit an amazing place that might otherwise be right out of your price range. The same goes for things like plane tickets. There are plenty of ways to bring down the price of a plane ticket from booking late to being flexible about your destination.    

What's Getting In The Way Of You Travelling? Reasons why you feel that you are unable to travel and how you can get around them.


Aside from cost involved, the other issue that a lot of people have with traveling is that they simply don't feel as though they have the time. This can be pretty understandable. After all, we all spend our lives working and feel like the time that we get away from work is incredibly limited. In fact, a lot of people who don't travel much often feel like the people in their life who are always heading off on trips just don't understand how difficult it is to get that kind of time for themselves. And that really is an issue for a lot of people, especially if you're in a position where it's difficult to take the time off work because of your finances. The key is to carefully pick and choose when you go away. If there's a trip you really want to take then maybe it's something that you save your vacation time up for. Or maybe your trip isn't that long but you try and squeeze in as much as possible.

The right people

Finding the right people to take a trip with can be a real challenge because of the chances of everyone feeling happy with the same choice is often pretty slim. However, there are plenty of ways to deal with that problem. The first is to make sure that you're going with the right people, not every trip needs to be with the same folks. It's also important to sit down and talk to each other, being willing to compromise over not only where you go but what you do when you get there. Of course, you may even find yourself deciding that the best thing for you is just to take a trip by yourself. A lot of people aren't sure about doing that but it can often be an incredibly positive experience.

What's Getting In The Way Of You Travelling? Reasons why you feel that you are unable to travel and how you can get around them.


Let's face it, traveling can be scary. You're going to a new place that you've potentially never experienced before, you may not be able to speak the language properly, and you might find that the culture you're in is totally different to the one you're used to. There's also the fear of not enjoying yourself enough and feeling like you wasted a huge amount of time and money. The key here is just to take that leap. The truth is that fortune really does favor the bold and if you want to get the most out of life you have to go for it. Sure, there are risks involved in traveling but that's part of what makes it so exciting!

Of course, there are limits to all of these things. It would irresponsible to say that literally, everyone can travel no matter what as long as they make the right choices. The truth is that there are barriers to travel that some of us can't always get past. Travelling is expensive, it does take time, it does require you to not have something you can't leave behind for a little while. All of these things are very real and you shouldn't be made to feel lesser because of them. The best thing that you can do is to try and make compromises. Maybe you're only able to take a trip every couple of years or perhaps you don't go all that far for all that long. Just remember, no matter where you travel or how often, it's about doing something that will enrich your life. It's not about ticking some kind of arbitrary life experience box. So keep traveling and living your best life.

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Sayanti, xx