7 simple tips to get you prepared for a solo trip

13 November, 2019

Traveling is an experience that can far enrich our lives and allow us to create some truly amazing memories. The decision to travel alone is one that’s both exciting and daunting too. The experience can often feel all the more daunting if it’s something that you’ve never done before. If you’re looking for a few simple tips to prepare for solo travel, take a look at these!

1. Do your research

When you’re traveling to foreign countries alone, you’ll really want to do your research. With each country ensure that you plan your exact route and stopovers. Find out the local customs, and find out the neighborhoods to avoid. The more clued up that you are, the more comfortable you will feel spending time alone. Research the main activities you want to do beforehand so you can book them and make an itinerary. Failing to prepare adequately will only mean that you end up wasting time when you get there!

Do your research

2. Get your travel insurance

Whatever happens, you’ll want to ensure that you get good travel insurance and or health insurance package before you go. Take all the details with you, make extra copies as well as making paper copies of your passport. It’s worth paying more for the highest level of cover because you never know when you might end up needing it. Get a few different quotes before you decide to make sure that you’re getting the best deal.

Get your travel insurance

3. Practice the languages

It’s always a good plan to practice the languages of the countries that you’ll be visiting. Doing so will allow you to feel more comfortable and communicate with the locals. In the name of feeling both confident and safe, learning the languages will really help you out. You could invest in some classes in your town or get a language app or two on your phone. Traveling is the ultimate chance to learn new skills, so you won’t want to waste a language learning opportunity!

Practice the languages

4. Get used to your own company

Before you go traveling alone, it’s a good idea to get used to your own company. Particularly, if spending time alone isn’t something that you often do. Plan a few days out on your own in your hometown, whether shopping, a bar or a museum. Do the things that you would usually do with friends by yourself, like the cinema or going to dinner. Once you get used to this, you’ll likely enjoy the experience and gain a new sense of independence and self-esteem too.

Get used to your company

5. Join online groups

Joining online groups can be an excellent way to help yourself to meet like-minded people traveling in the same places. Look at Facebook or Meet-Up, for example, and join an ex-pat group. Traveling alone does not, by any means, equal being alone the whole time! On the contrary, when you’re traveling alone, it’s often easier to make friends. When alone, you’re not relying solely on any old friends that you’ve traveled with. In this way, you’re forced out of your comfort zone, which can help you to talk to new people.

6. Prepare to stay safe

Though traveling alone can be an amazing experience, you’ll, of course, want to prioritize your safety. Be vigilant and cautious in every situation. Ensure that someone always knows your whereabouts by staying in touch with family back home. When you’re making friends, stay in groups, and trust your instincts if something doesn’t feel right. Travel by transport as opposed to walking alone at night and avoid neighborhoods that have a bad reputation.
7. Keep in touch

It’s normal that you’ll get a little homesick, but you can help yourself by staying in touch with friends and family. Use things like Skype or Whatsapp video calls to speak to your loved ones. Even a small chat every once in a while will help you to feel more at ease. There are also some great photo apps out there like MyPostcard Postcard App. Such apps let you send photo postcards and personal messages to friends and family from wherever you are! These are an excellent way to surprise them with a cute photo of your travels. Take as many photos as possible to keep your amazing memories forever. When you’re having fun, it can be hard to remember to take pictures, but they are always worth it to look back on. Writing a travel blog is another great way to keep the memories of your traveling adventures!

Keep in touch

Until next time,

Sayanti, xx