How to create epic Instagram content at home

14 May, 2020

It’s been almost 2 months now that we are practicing social distancing from the comfort of our homes. Initially, I used to mark the days of lockdown and I was kind of happy to get all the time in the world to binge-watch Netflix. But there are only so many shows you can watch. And now, time feels like an unreal concept these days. It is more like we are stuck in a wormhole where the time is paused. We don’t know if this will ever end, or if we will transform to better species living in harmony with nature, or if there is an impending doom that is waiting for us. The rising stress and anxiety levels are adding more to our problems on top of the economical crisis. In situations like this, it is easy to get demotivated. Let’s be honest here. Did you not question the point of creating content for your social media once? Did you not think that the only thing that you need right now is to be with your loved ones and not some views or likes from a bunch of strangers? Did you not focus on trying out new recipes rather than just clicking food pictures? You did. At least once. Trust me, I know the feeling because I have been there. In the initial phases, I didn't even have the urge to get out of my bed, let alone creating a proper setup at home for shoots. My answer to everything was “Who cares?”. So, what did I do when I was quarantining at my home? I binge-watched every show on earth, did video calls to every other relative of mine, ate so much junk that I literally got bored of this lifestyle. This is the beauty of human nature. You cannot have fun all the time, because eventually when fun becomes your routine, you get tired of it. 

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. It is the same vice-versa. 

Though it took me some time to realize that content creation is a part of me that cannot be suppressed. Creators will continue to create no matter what the circumstances are. Without creators, the world would have come to a standstill by now. I think that we all concur with this. The only way to get rid of this continuous boredom is to make sure that your everyday routine has something exciting in it other than ways to increase your stress levels. And what can be that, I asked myself. I came up with just one answer “Open up all the windows when you can’t open the doors”. With this, I mean opening up your mind to the endless possibilities of content creation that you can do from without stepping a foot outside your home. Your pessimist alter ego can brush off this idea by saying that there is nothing that you can do at your home. You have no DSLR, no setup, no lighting gear, no epic editing apps. Trust me you don’t need a fancy setup or high tech gear to create epic Instagram content. All you need is a phone, beginner’s level editing skills, and a little bit of imagination. Haters are gonna say that this is a scam and Sayanti is lying. Well, don’t believe me, then check out my feed here - @sayanti_mahapatra. All the top 30 posts are clicked by my phone in natural daylight and the lights in my room. No fancy ring lights, no high tech gear. Just some brainstorming on ideas and putting it together in place. Let's get started and crush the content creation game.

Mirror Challenge

It all started with the mirror challenge where everyone took their mirrors outside in the flower fields and started clicking creative pictures. But, I did not have the courage to break the social distancing pledge by going outside (also because the police were thrashing people who were roaming outside without any reason, xD). So, instead, I decided to bring the blooms into my room. How? See the tutorial below.


Add aesthetics to boring walls

After I put up the mirror challenge, so many people reached out to me. They said that you were able to achieve the dreamy results because you have a decorative setup at home and your room is not cluttered. Yeah, I have a mirror and cute planters. But you might not have it. That inspired my two of my tutorials which revolved around changing your boring, cluttered, messy background to something more aesthetic, magical, dreamy, and of course Instagram worthy. Bonus points because in this creative process, you are not harming or wasting any natural resources. Check them out here.



Double Trouble

By this time, I started to enjoy the creative process and I wanted to do something fun. Not just creative, but something that brings a smile to your face. This video was dedicated to all the people who were not able to hug someone they miss deeply. In my case, my sister (who also happens to be a Chai lover). 


Butterfly Edit

This edit was one of the simplest edits. And probably each one of you has already shot one picture like this. It deserved a special mention for creating so much buzz on both Instagram and TikTok. This is a different video where I am not giving a full editing tutorial, but merely showing you how to unleash your imaginative consciousness. And as you can see, imagination takes you to such fantasy lands that were once hidden in the fairy tale books. 


Virtual Vacationing

One thing that we are definitely missing these days, is our ability to travel. My vacation plans got canceled and I am sure that you also had a few places to check on this year. Unfortunately, travel opportunities are off the cards for a long time. So, how about virtual vacationing. And now what’s that? Check it out below. 


I hope by reading this, you are all pumped up to create epic Instagram content while staying at your home. If my posts inspired you to create something extraordinary, then wave me a “Hi” on my Instagram. I would love to connect with you all. Feel free to recreate these ideas and tag me. I would also love to see how you recreate these wonderful ideas in your personal editing style. Additionally, I will be humbled if you use the hashtag - #CreateLikeSayanti so that I never miss your post. Keep creating epic content, stay safe at your beautiful homes, and keep in touch with your loved ones. 


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