Get your Wardrobe Ready for Summer with This Nifty Guide

10 July, 2020

Hello boss ladies,

It’s officially July, which means it’s sweltering outside. Things are finally opening up and as much as we would love to stay comfortable in our homes, we have to accept that the present situation is the new normal. I am still urging people to stay inside their homes until it is absolutely necessary to go out. But, if you are among the ones, who cannot avoid going outside, I am here to get your wardrobe summer-ready. You cannot control everything that's going around, but there is one thing that you can certainly keep in check. And that is giving your summer closet a major upgrade. Keep reading if you want to make sure that you have the best wardrobe ever in summer.

Light Fabrics

This may sound simple, but one of the biggest mistakes that so many people make in summer is wearing the exact same fabrics that they would wear in winter. When you dress for winter, you can wear as much cashmere, wool, or even tweed as you want. In summer, on the other hand, things are very different. If you want to avoid turning up at work as a hot mess, then it’s helpful to invest in linen that breathes or even fine cotton. These are the best fabrics to invest upon, that will make you feel comfortable and breezy in this oppressive heat. You will not regret this, and you may even find that your winter clothes stay clean for when you need them again, which is always a good thing.

Invest in Some Good Deodorant

One of the many mistakes that people make in summer is that they buy deodorant that leaves dusty white marks. You might be able to get away with this in winter because you won’t be sweating as much and you may even find that you can avoid ruining the fabric as much, but in summer you do need to make sure that you are spending that bit more so that you can avoid buying a poor product. If you are someone who prefers perfumes over deodorants, then make sure you buy perfumes that linger on for a long time. You can choose playful scents to remind you of vacation instantly and helps you in transporting to the farthest reaches of the Earth. I personally like the perfumes by All Good Scents and my current favorite is Love & Joy Bloom which reminds me of full blossom like a walk in the sun-drenched nature. 

Invest in Some Good Deodorant for getting summer readyInvest in Some Good Deodorant for getting summer ready

Buy Two Pairs of Sunglasses

If you love to wear sunglasses then you should know that there is probably a very high chance that you will either break a pair or leave them in a taxi. For times like these, I highly recommend you to always keep a backup with you as this could come in very handy when you are out. Trust me, I have been there, and I know how having a backup is an absolute necessity. If you have to go out for grocery shopping on a sunny day, then this is even more important. In case you want to buy some new glasses that will reflect glare then there is a great collection of them right here.

Get some Good Shoes

In summer, you will need to have at least three pairs of shoes. The first pair of shoes need to be a loafer with a very light sole, or something similar. This is exactly what you need to hit that fine line between being dressed up and being casual. The second pair that you’ll need is a high-quality casual leather shoe which is in a solid color. This is perfect for when you go out or if you want to look smart. The last shoe needs to be smart leather or suede, or essentially a shoe that you can wear with a suit. If you have three pairs of shoes like this then you will soon find that you can dress up in summer without having to worry about a thing.

Get good shoes for getting summer ready

Let Loose

The relaxed trend might seem somewhat scary to someone who doesn’t work in fashion, but this shouldn’t be the case. You should see this as a chance to loosen up if you can, so do yourself a favor here and really embrace the mood. You might also want to invest in some pants which have more room in them. Your legs will appreciate it and you will be able to stay much cooler too. I personally prefer wide-leg pants, because you can literally move around them and they make you look so much taller. You can also opt for loose cotton dresses. If you ask me, these are the ultimate throw-on-and-go outfits of the season. 

Embrace the Sock

It’s also a good idea for you to try and embrace no-show socks. These are great because your feet can breathe and you will also find that you don’t ruin your shoes. After all, it can be tempting to go without socks in summer but if you do then you may find the sweat penetrates your shoes and it rots them. This is the last thing that you need, but if you have no-show socks then this can easily make it possible for you to stay fashionable in hot weather.

Try the sleek bun hairstyle

If you have got a lot of thick hair, then you will know that summer can be a nightmare if you want to stay cool. To relish the wind in your face without having to worry about your hair going everywhere, you have two options, either you chop off your hair short, or you can be smart like me. You can give a try to the sleek bun hairstyle. This hairstyle can be your knight in shining armor. Bonus points for this, as it is the perfect hairstyle to pull off when you have greasy hair and you don’t have the time to shampoo. You can run errands without worrying about the zillion directions your hair is swaying or if it is getting glued to your neck because of the excessive sweat. Here is a quick tutorial (swipe to the end) to get you started on the sleek bun hairstyle. 

Try the sleek bun hairstyle for summerTry the sleek bun hairstyle for summer

Hope this nifty guide took you one step closer to getting your wardrobe ready for summer. If you want personalized styling tips or have some questions about curvy girl styling and sorts, make sure to DM me on my Instagram (@sayanti_mahapatra) and I will make sure to help you out in every way possible. 

Until the next style story,

Sayanti, xx