Trend Update | How To Do Center Knotted Tee

20 August, 2017

After a blue jeans, there's nothing as loyal as a white t-shirt. It is a basic piece that every girl owns because duh it's effortlessly cool and versatile. I cannot think of anything that will not blend smoothly with a white tee. When we say Binge on Basics, we literally mean it and white tee is one of those basics pieces. I can count on my white tees for the gloomy days when I get nothing to wear in my overly loaded closet. I can convey a sense of summer ease by pairing my white tee with a blue denim on one day and on the other day, I go casual by pairing it up with my floral or pleated skirt. Effortlessly easy.

By now, many of you have probably predicted that I am going to tell you about the bazillion ways to style a white shirt or how to wear a white shirt. Well you are thinking absolutely wrong. I am not going to share you tips that you already know and you are doing it better than me. With today's post I will tell you about just one fashion forward way to wear you white tee and whose trend is on point.

Front knot in white teeDIY Knotted White Tee

We will today go with knotted tees which are having a moment right now. I feel a simple DIY with a classic white t-shirt will not only make you feel up-to-date but will help you by not burning a hole in your pocket. Again, this knotted tee is different from the ones that you have seen or tried already. Instead of knotted tee at the sides, we will knot the tee in the middle. What to know how? Keep reading.
DIY Knotted white tshirt
Take a basic white tee (a loose one, preferably a white tee with round neck and short sleeves) and knot it in the middle using a transparent band. And tadaa! you have a twisted knotted tee which is very refreshing, trendy and sewing free. Not to mention its DIFFERENT. Without even spending a buck and with minimal efforts here we go and wear our basic staple the other way round. I found this way out while I was virtually shopping and so I thought to share this idea with all of you as well. <3 *painting an imaginary  angelic halo over my head showing how much I care about you all haha :P*

DIY Knot in White tee

Knot in white teeKnotted white tee

To add the casual vibe, I paired this knotted tee with my brother's formal pant (If anyday I go missing, check my brother's wardrobe first). Another interesting element (scary for some) that I clubbed with my look are these yellow aviators. Mark my words, yellow aviators will not make you look archaic but uber cool. The gonzo style staple sported by Johnny Depp is a latest fashion trend currently making the rounds on social media. Bonus points to this trend because it doesn't make me feel like I’m trying too hard to look cool. To keep the look as minimal as possible, I went ahead and paired it with white sneakers. Minimalism is dead, dare not to say again.

White knotted tee sewing freeWhite knotted tee center front knot

Knotted white top

Yellow aviators

Yellow aviators women fashion

With all that white, grey and a dash of yellow, I was at ease with the way I look, with the way I feel. Hope you will catch up with the trends super quick and try this knotted tee as well. If you liked this DIY idea, rate us by sending smiles, hearts and stars above this post. Share the idea with your BFF, try it and leave us your comments in the comments section below. More such valuable posts are coming your way, so don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter and keep ahead of others.