You need to know 10 easy ways of using RAS Luxury Oils

04 August, 2018

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Now coming back to this blog post, I would be telling you to use RAS Luxury Oils in 10 easy ways. Well, you must be pondering right now, that will it not be a detailed review. Will I not introduce the brand to you as I normally do? Hold on! Relax. I will cover everything as I usually do. This is just a bonus takeaway since I am in the happiest of my moods.

Brand Overview

RAS Luxury Oils believes that all their beauty products are 100% natural and pure. They believe in making products that are luxurious, connects your senses, and helps in finding a balance between your body, mind and soul. All the products from RAS Luxury Oils strive to enhance your inner radiant beauty and leave an everlasting glow. They put efforts in creating products that will bring the Best Version of You by using natural ingredients in their purest form. The products are made by fusing ancient Ayurvedic practices and modern scientific approaches. To know more about the brand, it’s philosophy and heritage, click here.

Now let us get back to RAS Luxury Oils. I have got their Assorted Miniatures which consist of four miniature bottles of 3 ml each. These four luxury oils are Kashmir Lavender Pure Essential Oil, Argan Pure Plant Oil, Radiance Beauty Boosting Day Face Elixir, Serenity Liquid Luxury. Here comes the best part where I will tell you how you can use these luxury oils in 10 easy ways.

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1. As a Face Serum

Wash your face and apply 2-3 drops of RAS Luxury Oils Radiance Beauty Boosting Day Face Elixir and massage gently in circular motion. Do this after waking up in the morning or before going to bed. The face elixir gets absorbed by the skin very quickly and does not leave any sticky or heavy residue behind. It is recommended that only 2-3 drops of the elixir are used because the elixir is concentrated and spreads widely on the surface.

2. Makeup primer

I love to use RAS Luxury Oils Radiance Beauty Boosting Day Face Elixir as a makeup primer. This face elixir has completely changed my daily makeup regime. Now, every day before doing my usual makeup I put up a base of the face elixir. Needless to mention, it provides an instant glow to my face. Secondly, all my cosmetics like foundation, highlighter can be easily applied, and they seem to blend very well. This provides an even tone to my face.

3. Lips Hydration

Very few people know that luxury oils can also be used as a lip hydrant. Apply 1-2 drops of the RAS Serenity Liquid Luxury on your lips and massage gently on the lips. After that apply your lipstick on top of it. The oil leaves a subtle glow on the lips and makes it non-transferable. Do not ingest the oil under any circumstances because they may be in their purest forms but are highly concentrated. It may lead to irritation or allergy. So, apply it to your lips very carefully.

4. Use in blender sponge to blend the foundation

If you are afraid of the recent overly humid weather and think that applying face elixir directly on your face is not a good idea because it may make your face look oily, then I have the perfect solution to your problem. Put up 1-2 drops of RAS Luxury Oils Radiance Beauty Boosting Day Face Elixir on your blender sponge and use it blend your foundation, correctors and concealers. You can also choose to put it in the foundation itself before applying it on the face.

5. Skip your daily moisturizer

Trust me, RAS Serenity Liquid Luxury will compel you to skip your daily moisturizer. This body oil can be used instead of your regular moisturizer or body lotion due to its high nourishment value. The fragrance is also very soothing and lingers on for a long time.

6. Enhance dried out cosmetics

RAS Luxury Oils Radiance Beauty Boosting Day Face Elixir can also be used to enhance the absorbing capabilities of dried out makeup products like highlighters, concealers or eyeshadows. Just put 1-2 drops of the elixir on your palette and it will instantly get absorbed. Your average highlighter is now enriched with the goodness of the luxury oils and can be applied easily on your skin.

7. Just Inhale

Kashmir Lavender Pure Essential Oil can be used to calm down your senses and provide you with the much-needed relaxation. Just put 2-3 drops of the essential oil on a piece of cloth and just inhale. Essential oils have certain chemical properties which signal your brain to calm down and relax.

8. In Bath

Another good use of Kashmir Lavender Pure Essential Oil is in your daily bath. Put 2-3 drops of essential oil in Epsom salts and then go for a relaxing bath. I bet you are going to be refreshed and rejuvenated for whole day long.

9. Aromatherapy Massage

Argan Pure Plant Oil can be used as a carrier oil in aromatherapy massage. This can be mixed with essential oils of similar smell for best results. Many doctors recommend massaging big muscle groups with essential oils as they are very therapeutic.

10. As a diffuser

Finally, Kashmir Lavender Pure Essential Oil can also be used in electronic diffusers. This will leave the room and your surroundings with a pleasant fragrance. Put a few drops of essential oil in the diffuser and let it get circulated in your room. The aroma and healing benefits of the luxury oil will soothe your senses.


RAS Luxury Oils Kashmir Lavender Pure Essential Oil, flatlay ideas, creative flatlays, product flatlays, miniatures flatlay, ways to use essential oilsRAS Luxury Oils Kashmir Lavender Pure Essential Oil, flatlay ideas, creative flatlays, product flatlays, miniatures flatlay, ways to use face elixir

RAS Luxury Oils Kashmir Lavender Pure Essential Oil, flatlay ideas, creative flatlays, product flatlays, miniatures flatlay, ways to use pure plant oilRAS Luxury Oils Kashmir Lavender Pure Essential Oil, flatlay ideas, creative flatlays, product flatlays, miniatures flatlay, ways to use liquid luxury oil

Takeaway Points about RAS Luxury Oils

1. RAS Luxury Oils are organic and contain 100% natural pure, potent ingredients.

2. All products by RAS Luxury Oils are 100% vegan

3. All products are free from paraben, SLS, silicones, alcohol, phthalates, synthetic additives and mineral petroleum derivatives.

4. RAS Luxury Oils is against animal testing and hence all their products are cruelty-free.

5. The Assorted Miniatures pack is priced at 2,200 INR and can be shopped from their website. Also, they deliver worldwide. Free shipping in India on orders above 2,000 INR. Click here to shop this RAS Luxury Oils Assorted Miniatures. RAS Luxury Oils is also available in leading e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, Etsy and much more.

6. All these assorted miniatures are for external use and any contact with eyes must be avoided.

7. A patch test is highly recommended before using these oils.

Now I would like you all to know that I have used RAS Luxury Oils in my everyday makeup regime and I am so exhilarated to watch my inner glow grow every day. You don't believe me, have a look on my dazzling glow after incorporating RAS Luxury Oils in my makeup routine.

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1. Will I recommend RAS Luxury Oils to others?

Yes, because it is India’s first ‘Farm to Face’ luxury skincare brand. All their products are derived by 100% natural ingredients in their purest forms. All the products are free from paraben, SLS, silicones and other harmful chemicals.

2. Value for money?

Well, I must say that products are expensive if we look at the quantity. The pack of 4 miniature luxury oils each of which are 3 ml in quantity is priced at 2,200 INR. But I would still go ahead and buy it because you would only need 2-3 drops for single use. So they are going to last longer than you thought.

3. Will I repurchase products from RAS Luxury Oils?

Cent per cent yes.

4. Which product did I like the most?

My favourite is the Radiance Beauty-Boosting Day Face Elixir because it completely changed my makeup regime for good.

5. Any cons of using RAS Luxury Oils?

No cons as I could find. Only thing is that these are highly concentrated and must be used with proper care. Please go through a patch test first before using these luxury oils.

I hope now you know 10 different ways of using RAS Luxury Oils. Don’t wait for more, go ahead and bring a change in your monotonous makeup and skincare routine. If you liked reading this post and are going to put these ways into practice in your daily life, then hit the like button and share it with your girl bosses. In case, you have any questions regarding the brand or the luxury oils, then leave them in the comments section below and I shall revert at the earliest possible. You can also follow hashtag #BingeOnBasics on Instagram to keep yourself updated with more such reviews and the upcoming fashion trends.

*Disclaimer: This is a collaborated post. The brand has compensated me for my honest review. All opinions are my own.