The best anti-tan mask that will give your skin an instant boost

06 February, 2019

Hello beautiful,

2018 has seen one of the biggest booms in the beauty and skincare industry. We have also witnessed a huge shift in the market toward natural and organic products. This has helped smaller brands to see the light of the day. These brands provide you the best skincare at unbelievably reasonable prices. You will be amazed after getting acquainted with these brands and the skincare services they have to offer. Have you ever thought of caring for your underarms or got yourself worried about the texture of your knees and elbows? I bet not. A few months back, I came across one such brand which cares about the parts of your body which get absolutely no attention by you. The beauty standards are rising high every day and the connoisseur of beauty products are hymning all about the hottest beauty and skincare reveals. When everybody is going gaga over the newfangled beauty products, I dare you not to partake in the changing skincare regimes.

In an ideal world, you will not break a sweat by stressing about your facial marks, spots, and tan. You would sit back, relax and wait for the spots and tans to disappear on its own. Sounds so cliché, right? The notion of waiting it out whenever you face any skincare issue will not work, at least not in today’s world. Environmental pollution is certainly to blame. It would be correct to say that we are moving towards a hazardous life at a greater pace now than ever. We are dwelling in an environment where a harmless looking rash or practically invisible mole are the symptoms of life-threatening cancer. Being wary of such symptoms and taking care of each and every cell of your body is going to help you in the long run. Thankfully, we are not living in an ideal world and we certainly raise alarms on stumbling upon the tiniest pimple. Some people might not concur to this theory and would call it exaggerated. But let me tell you, when the time comes, you will be the first to scour the whole internet for possible beauty products and solutions. In situations like this, when you are already in the state of panic, you would not think twice in splurging your hard-earned money onto products that promise that will do more harm than good. Can you relate? To be honest, I had spent a fortune into beauty products and treatments that were not good enough for my skin needs. I know this feeling of despair.

The best anti-tan mask that will give your skin an instant boost. I came across one such brand, named Dot and Key which cares about the parts of your body which get absolutely no attention by you.

Now coming back to the brand which will help you embrace the neglected parts of your body. The brand is Dot and Key. Dot and Key is one brand that provides you skincare solutions for the overlooked yet important parts of your body. They have a revolutionary range of products which can help you to get that all-rounded beautiful looking skin. If you want to get rid of dark underarms, or you want to have a robust shield for fighting chlorine pre and post swim, or you want to be prepared to fight the signs of aging and tanning by UV rays, or you are just interested in retexturizing your knees and elbows, Dot and Key has got all your concerns covered. I have got my hands on a few products from Dot and Key and I am on a mission to try and test them all. Since the last year has seen an evolution of the skincare products and 2019 has opened enough opportunities for us to go for the best skincare routine, I am up for it. Today, I will be reviewing Dot and Key Tan Minimizing Facial Clay Masque. In a country where the eligibility criteria for a girl being a suitable match for marriage is based on fairness scale, tan is an adversary. No joke! I am a person of color and I definitely am against this notion of judging a woman because of her color. But getting rid of the tan is something which is rather a medical urgency than a social cause. Studies say that prolonged exposure of harmful UV rays can result in skin cancer at worst. However, there are other studies that suggest, that tan is generated from the pigmentation of melanin on the skin and that actually prevents your skin from further damage from UV rays. I consent to this theory. But does that mean that having a tan is spiffy? Nope. I will tell you why. The more tan, the darker your skin color becomes. Now, everything in this universe has a saturation point. There is only so much that the tan can fight, approximately up to 2-4 SPF (which is even below the minimum permissible range of SPF 15). With darker skin, you will never be able to look out for the damage that has been caused to your skin including dark spots, premature aging and in worst case scenarios cancerous cells. That being the case, you must get rid of that tan stat.

Coming back to the Dot and Key Tan Minimizing Facial Clay Masque, this anti tan face pack will help your skin to the get an instant boost. I have been using this facial clay mask for over a few weeks now and I am super contented. The facial clay masque is made by carefully putting together sandalwood powder and natural clay. These ingredients help in removing the tanned skin layer and then revealing your brighter side. Green Tea and Verbosa reinvigorate the skin and add to a subtle fragrance that lingers on for a long time. It also has peony root extract which works vigorously to brighten your skin from the inside. Comprehensively, it detoxifies the tanned skin and gives your skin an instant boost.

The best anti-tan mask that will give your skin an instant boost. I came across one such brand, named Dot and Key which cares about the parts of your body which get absolutely no attention by you.

You can apply the masque-like any other masks, leave it for 20 minutes and rinse after application. The conventional way to apply face masks. Just that. Dot and Key Tan Minimizing Facial Clay Masque is cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, free from parabens, alcohols, sulfates, and nasty chemicals, dermatologically tested and is deemed 100% safe for use.

Shop Dot and Key Tan Minimizing Facial Clay Masque at just Rs. 645 for 100 gm.

The skin is the only barrier between your insides and the outside world. Keeping your skin healthy will stave off many potential diseases from you. Why not make the most out of this year and indulge yourself in taking care of your skin passionately? If you are on this “Caring for your skin” journey with me, then let me know what areas of your skin do you think needs the most attention in the comments section below. You can also write down your exclusive ways to look out for your skin. I won’t mind knowing your secret remedies to get that young and glowing skin. Have fun and take care, you beauties.

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