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25 February, 2018

Hello girl bosses! How are you all doing? I hope you all had a lovely and fun-filled Valentine’s Day. Well, mine Valentine’s Day was terrific and if you follow my stories you would know that how I ended up being binge eating my favourite pizza with my annoying best friend. I got my rose bouquet too and just like any other girl, I flaunted the bouquet making other girls jealous the whole day. I mean what’s the fun if you don’t even make the girl next door envy about it. So overall it was a crazy day and I being myself was as sarcastic as possible.

Everything was going well until I came back home and noticed that all the roses dried, and their petals turned black. I was so heartbroken to see that. It never happened before that the flowers would dry out in a day. It did not take me long to realise that it is the result of our own wrongdoings. If you reside in Delhi NCR you will figure out what I am pointing too. It’s the gross air pollution, all Delhiites (including neighbouring cities) are dealing with. The AQI (Air Quality Index) of New Delhi was between 400pm to 500pm during November 2017 for two weeks straight and ever since the AQI has never been good or satisfactory. Jeffrey Sachs, head of Earth Institute (Colombia University), New York said –

“This city is not liveable. You do not want to raise your children here. People really are suffering. They are developing lifelong illness, heart disease and lung disease”.

You can read the full news here.

All this made me ponder, that what happens to our skin and hair when it gets exposed to such pollution. We can have purifiers at home and we can wear masks all day long but what about the hair? How do we protect it and even if we are wearing masks, not every part of our face is covered with it. How to save our skin from such harmful chemicals outside? For me, it even gets more difficult to care for my skin and hair because of the continuous makeup and hairstyling routines. All those chemicals that my hair and skin get subjected to while I am using chemical based products add more to the trouble. Though I try to flaunt, a no-makeup look most of the times to my college, on weekends it’s a different story altogether. Fearing for my hair and skin, I went up to my sister for some soul talk and she instantly started scolding me and throwing all those home remedies for keeping my skin and hair healthy. And all those people who know me, they know that I am too lazy for these DIY home remedies.

This was the time when I received a Blogger Mail from iNatur which contained Amla Hair Styling Cream and honestly I could not get any happier. Since I was already motivated enough to look out for some herbal and natural products for my daily hair care routines, I was thrilled to receive the product. Tbh, it is very difficult these days to choose from an array of products available in the market and to figure out what will suit your needs. I wanted to look for products that are herbal, natural, easily available and affordable. Well, I must say iNatur fits perfectly into this.

Review of iNatur Amla Hair Styling Cream | For dry frizzy and unmanageable hair | Natural and Ayurveda blended product | Cruelty free


Brand Overview

iNatur claims to use precious herbs and the knowledge of Ayurveda to create daily skincare and hair care products that are super affordable and free from any kind of chemicals, synthetic or harsh ingredients and fragrances.  iNatur believes that everyone has a right to look and feel beautiful and is striving hard to create products that not only make this possible but shall fit in every budget type. iNatur, being true to its brand identity and name is strongly against animal testing. All the iNatur products are cruelty-free. You can read more about iNatur on their website.


Amla Hair Styling Cream

I received Amla Hair Styling Cream. Let me just enlighten you all about my hair type first. My hair gets frizzy after wash and before the next wash, it turns oily. I think it is pretty much the same story for every girl out there. I have a dry scalp usually and I am not prone to hair fall until I subject my hair to excessive heat. I used to style my hair and then put hairspray on top of it to make sure that they stay in place. But this process was slowly making my hair more prone to hair fall and making my hair weaker from the roots itself. So this time, I used this Amla Hair Styling Cream after washing my hair. As mentioned in the directions, I applied the hair cream on my hair strands and avoided any contact with the roots. I usually go with a mid-part low ponytail but this time I chose to leave my hair open. I did not observe any frizz the whole day. My hair looked voluminous and bouncy to some extent. The Amla Hair Styling cream added a little shine to my frizzy and dry hair too. It is non-sticky, residue-free and comes up with a very pleasant fragrance.

Just in case, anybody is thinking that it is kind of hairspray that sets your hair all day long, it is not true. It manages frizz and strengthens and replenishes your hair with all the goodness it has. It is not a magical holy grail that will solve all your hair problems in 15 seconds or less, tbh.

Let me know quickly tell you about the amazing herbs/ingredients it has got in store:

  1. Amla – Amla is bad for hair, said no one ever. For those who don’t know Amla has fatty acids which help in strengthening hair and also gives that extra lustre to your hair. Next time your grandma, comes to you with Amla Oil, tell her not to worry because this Amla Hair Styling Cream will do the job.
  2. Ashwagandha – Ashwagandha is one of the most popular herbs that we have heard of since we were little kids. It helps in preventing early greying of your hair.  
  3. Coconut Oil – Coconut oil has countless benefits. It is rich in lauric acids, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and it deeply nourishes your hair, conditions your scalps and leaves a good lustre.
  4. Brahmi – Regularly massaging your scalp with Brahmi oil strengthens your hair to encourage good hair growth. It is an excellent resource for hair growth.
  5. Wheat Protein – This is best for dry and brittle hair. It moisturizes and hydrates your hair by holding more water.
  6. Jatamansi – It is also a herb that helps in hair growth and making the hair shinier and silkier than ever.

Review of iNatur Amla Hair Styling Cream | For dry frizzy and unmanageable hair | Natural and Ayurveda blended product | Cruelty free

Review of iNatur Amla Hair Styling Cream | For dry frizzy and unmanageable hair | Natural and Ayurveda blended product | Cruelty free

Review of iNatur Amla Hair Styling Cream | For dry frizzy and unmanageable hair | Natural and Ayurveda blended product | Cruelty free

Review of iNatur Amla Hair Styling Cream | For dry frizzy and unmanageable hair | Natural and Ayurveda blended product | Cruelty free


1. Will I recommend iNatur to others?

Definitely, I would recommend using herbal, natural and Ayurveda blended products to everyone. Since the Amla Hair Styling Cream is suitable for all types, everyone can give it a try. However, I strongly recommend using any product after patch testing. This is because what might work for me may not work for you.

2. Value for Money?

In my personal opinion, all iNatur products are affordable than other herbal and Ayurveda products available in the market. Bonus points for iNatur, because it is available on other e-commerce websites like Flipkart, Myntra, Nykaa and Snapdeal. 

3. Will I repurchase products from iNatur?

Yes, absolutely.

4. Which product did I like the most?

I have so far used iNatur Amla Hair Styling Cream only and I am satisfied with it. I will keep trying new products from iNatur and will keep putting the reviews here.

5. Any cons of using iNatur’s products?

No side effect is observed and I cannot think of any particular cons as of now. I have used the product for a week and I am satisfied with it. I am not quite sure of hair regeneration as of now and will get back with the results after using it for a month. So, stay tuned to this space to know if it worked or not.

Here is a quick video to show you, how my hair went frizz-free, bouncy and shiny after using the Amla Hair Styling Cream.



Amla Hair Styling cream is available on iNatur’s website. Click here to buy!

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*Disclaimer: This is a PR Sample. Honest Review.