How to save your hair and skin from chlorine damage

09 February, 2019

Summer can make up an appearance anytime soon. I mean literally. If Delhi can witness a huge hailstorm out of nowhere, then summer will be here in a blink. Trust me on this, you might wake up tomorrow with the sun rising above and beyond the clouds and shining boastfully. And when that day comes up, what are we going to do first? Getting our swimming pool passes renewed. Sounds like a pretty good plan to me. After all, who does not want to get an escape from the sweltering temperatures? Taking a dip into a pool on a hot summer day is as blissful as lying in your bed inside your snuggly blanket on a chilly winter morning. This clearly indicates that you will end up spending a quantitative amount of time inside the pool. Since we are all young, reckless and living our best lives, we often tend to neglect the dark side of the story. By dark, I do not mean to share the statistics of people drowning and scare you away from this pristine space of mine. With it, I want to bring in your attention towards the detrimental effects of chlorine on your skin and hair. Staying for a long time in chlorinated water can wreak havoc on your hair and skin.

For swimming pools, it’s priming to add chlorine to keep bacterias and slime away. Nobody is ever going to dip even their toes in slime infested water. On one hand, the chlorine is killing those bacterias which mean only harm to you, on the other hand, it is eating away your hair and skin health status. You can say, we have a bitter and sweet relation with chlorine in this case.

Chlorine is a disinfectant which can take all the natural oils present in your hair apart. Being void of natural oils would mean a dry scalp and even drier hair. For starters, dry scalp and hair could mean possible hair fall, loss of luster, frizziness and hair breakage. For coloured hair, it can prove to be a nightmare as your hair color will fade away faster than ever. Thanks to chlorine being an excellent bleaching agent. Coming to the next question, “How chlorine can damage your skin”? Chlorine does strip off the moisture in your skin too and would leave it dry. Dry skin and pool rashes are one of the most common problems that are encountered by swimmers. People apparently have this notion that chlorinated water makes your skin look dark. This will be true if your swimming pool is outdoors and exposed to the Sun. Without sun exposure, there will be no significant tanning. If your skin absorbed too much chlorine, it can bypass the liver and would find its way to the bloodstream. Now, what is the favourite job of Chlorine? To remove the bacteria. Only this time, the helpful gut bacterias will get targeted.

How to save your hair and skin from chlorine damage. This method is the smartest , the most effortless and the most time-saving method to take care of your skin and hair from chlorine and salt water.

While there are a countless number of hacks, DIY home remedies that can surely help you to take care of your skin and hair pre-swim, but I can tell you the smartest and effortless approach to shield your skin and hair pre-swim. Now, I have been talking about a brand lately that is dedicated to creating products that will help you to look after the most neglected parts of your body. The brand is Dot and Key. Want to get rid of dark underarms, or want that tan to go away in a jiffy, or you are dreaming of the perfect transparent sunscreen for the uncomfortably hot days, or you would like to retexturize your knees and elbows, Dot and Key has got you covered from all the directions. Don’t resent going to the pool anymore because of its after-effects, especially because Dot and Key has curated a complete range of pre and post swim care products for hair and skin, which is a blessing in disguise.

Let us talk about Pre Swim Skin and Hair Chlorine Protection Spray from Dot and Key. All you have to do is dampen your hair and then apply the spray on your hair and skin. That’s it. Yes, it is that simple. You can now enjoy 120 minutes straight in the pool and the spray will do all the tough work for you. After 2 hours, you can again spray it on and it will work in the same manner. You must be curious about how your skin and hair are taken care of. First of all, it gives you all-round protection against chlorine water and salt water. It is an SPF 30 spray which means, you are guarded by UV rays from the sun when you are swimming outdoors. This also creates a protective layer over your skin and hair, much like a shield and retain moisture. This means you get to go home without dry hair, dry skin or irritating pool rashes. What about care for coloured hair? Dot and Key has your back here too. The special formulation of this spray takes special care of your coloured hair. Bonus points to this spray for keeping chlorine odour away with the citrusy fragrance of lime and bergamot. On top of it, all Dot and Key products are cruelty-free and void of parabens, sulphates and all nasty chemicals. It is 100% safe for use and dermatologically tested too.

How to save your hair and skin from chlorine damage. This method is the smartest , the most effortless and the most time-saving method to take care of your skin and hair from chlorine and salt water. How to save your hair and skin from chlorine damage. This method is the smartest , the most effortless and the most time-saving method to take care of your skin and hair from chlorine and salt water.

Get Dot and Key Pre Swim Skin and Hair Chlorine Protection Spray, 120 ml at Rs. 1,395 only.

Now that you are on board with Dot and Key’s Pre-Swim Skin and Hair Chlorine Protection Spray, don’t stop the urge to jump in the pool. Get that instant relief from the summer heat without leaving your hair and skin unprotected from chlorinated and salt water. Go whooping while you plunge into the cool waters. But before that tell me your genius hacks to save your skin and hair from chlorine damage in the comments section below. I would love to know what all hacks you practice and bring them under my skin care regimen too.

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