How to treat your skin this year with Antheia Essentials

26 March, 2020

Hello friends,

Long time, no see. I know right. Well, 2020 has already been a commotion for not just me but everyone else on this entire planet. Though the beginning of the year was one of the most precious, beautiful and unforgettable moments of life with my sister getting married. It was literally a party mode for months and it was going to be like that until we were all made to follow “social distancing”. This upheaval has impacted every human being on Earth and has overturned our way of living. It was already hard to make adjustments to my daily routine after my sister left but now it's even harder. None of us know how long we will have to keep our distance with our loved ones and swear to “binge-watch Netflix and chill, my Lord!”. But until things get amenable, we all have to stay put in our homes, follow the best practices of self cleanliness and have faith that everything will turn out to be good eventually. While we are allowing mother nature to breathe and thrive a little without human interference, let us also take care of things that were once neglected by us. So, I have started to make small amends to my lifestyle, including change in eating habits, sleeping schedules, fitness regime, creative processes, and lastly skin and hair care routines. This has been possible because staying at home has allowed me to squeeze a little bit more time for myself and my well being. I came across a brand named Antheia Essentials (way before this pandemic started) but honestly, I did not get the time to actually check it out. Now that I (all of us, technically) seem to have all the time in the world, I tried three products from Antheia Essentials. Keep reading the detailed review of Antheia Essentials and its products to know more.

How to treat your skin this year with Antheia Essentials . Here you will find the detailed review of Antheia Essentials Products. How to treat your skin this year with Antheia Essentials . Here you will find the detailed review of Antheia Essentials Products.

Antheia Essentials Vitamin C Foaming Facial Cleanser

It is arduous to find a cleanser that will make you look forward to washing your face. When it comes to finding the right facial cleanser, you must take your skin type into consideration. For oily skin types, creamy facial cleansers are a no-go and for the dry skin clan, gel-based facial cleansers are a nightmare. Foaming facial cleansers are mostly suitable for oily and acne-prone skin as the foaming facials remove excess oil from your skin along with the dust particles. For people with dry skin, foaming facials tend to make the skin look parched. My skin produces a lot of oil over the day, so for me creamy and foaming facial cleansers work wonders. This facial cleanser is enriched Green Tea extract which repairs damage, eliminates dead skin and prevents the skin from aging. It also has Vitamin E which plays a strong role to reduce the skin damage caused by UV rays. It is loaded with Vitamin C which helps in lightening dark spots, acne marks and regenerate new skin cells, thus making your skin look brighter, younger and clear. What I most liked about this product (apart from the fact that it is very effective for my skin) is its soothing and subtle fragrance which instantly refreshes your skin and uplifts your mood. Just the right aroma to kickstart your day!

The application of the product is fairly straightforward. Wet your face, apply the foaming facial cleanser in a circular motion, wash it off and finally pat your face dry gently with a towel. For optimal results, use the Vitamin C Foaming Facial Cleanser twice a day, both in morning and night. This power package comes at a very affordable price of Rs. 449 (100 ml).

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Antheia Essentials Vitamin C Foaming Facial Cleanser ReviewAntheia Essentials Vitamin C Foaming Facial Cleanser Review

Antheia Essentials Intense Protection Day Cream with Broad Spectrum SPF 30

Applying a day cream just after the shower is second nature to most of us. The right day cream will not only moisturize your skin but give your skin all-round protection too. Some people use day creams with SPF only in summers, but trust me your skin needs protection from the detrimental UV rays even on the cloudiest of the days. It is that one step that should never be skipped in your skincare routine. Here are the need-to-knows before you start hoarding day creams with SPF. The consistency of the cream matters as it tends to form a thicker layer on your skin and provides better protection as compared to a moisturizer that can be applied very thinly. Secondly, you must check if the cream provides protection against UVA. Merely having an SPF does not guarantee protection against UV aging. Now the Antheia Essentials Intense Protection Day Cream with Broad Spectrum SPF 30 has a lightweight yet creamy consistency which can certainly replace my moisturizer. It contains my oh-so favourite ingredient, the Hyaluronic acid which helps in preventing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps in retaining the skin moisture while simultaneously helping in increasing new skin cells production. The cream happens to live up to its name “Intense protection day cream”, as it has a powerful chemical named Avobenzone (listed as butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane) which is known for its sun protection qualities. It also contains aloe vera, green tea and olive leaf extracts that are known for reducing dark spots. Make sure you apply the cream before you step into the sun and keep applying the cream every two hours for maximum sun protection. I use this cream as a moisturizer regularly before beginning my makeup routine. But whenever I am under the sun, I just dab a little bit of the green gently on my face every two hours. This is now a ritual to me and frankly, I worry about my skin a lot less than I used to earlier. Before I forget to mention, know that the fragrance of this day cream is enough to make you smile and your skin happy the whole day. You can buy this cream for just Rs. 575 for 50 gms.

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Antheia Essentials Intense Protection Day Cream with Broad Spectrum SPF 30 ReviewAntheia Essentials Intense Protection Day Cream with Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Review

Antheia Essentials Brazilian Purple Mineral Rich Clay Facial Mask

I have seen people shirking away in the name of facial masks and they have never taken a mask seriously ever. If you ask why it is merely because who wants to spend on a product that will be on your face for 10 minutes or so and then will be down the plughole. In a literal sense, they believe that their hard-earned money is going down the drain. If you are someone who can resonate with this, then I am absolutely sorry to inform you that you have misunderstood the facial masks community all your life. It’s time to know more about how facial masks help you to keep your skin healthy. Let us think of a scenario, where you apply your daily cream and let it be on your face the whole day. The cream provides your skin the much-needed nourishment and hydration round the clock. What a facial mask does is no different from the cream, other than the fact that it delivers the results faster. You ask how? The ingredients in the facial masks are incorporated as such that it tightly holds your skin for 10-15 minutes and forces your skin to absorb all the goodness. So, a facial mask is not useless, it's quicker and better. Now coming to Antheia Essentials Brazilian Purple Mineral Rich Clay Facial Mask, the first thing I like is the consistency of the mask. It easily spreads on your face and provides better coverage with a little amount. So more pennies saved, yay! The mask has bentonite clay which is known for its impeccable soothing properties. It calms irritated skin and also aids in skin brightening. Another powerful ingredient is Kaolin clay which is best for sensitive skin types. Whether you have dull, blotchy, blemished, dehydrated or congested skin, know that Kaolin clay is your best friend. It works like a charm when it comes to absorbing excess oil and unclogging skin pores. A patch test is still highly recommended before using any product, as what may work for me, might not work for you in the same manner. Coming to the application process, you just have to apply it in an upward motion from neck to your face (avoiding contact with lips and eyes). Allow the mask to dry completely and not rush the process (remember, it’s already faster than your cream). I know it is almost impossible for a millennial to have patience, but what are 10 minutes in front of glowing and flawless-looking skin? Try listening to your favourite playlist while the mask is applied to soothe your senses, in case the excellent fragrance of the mask is not enough. Ideally, you should use this facial mask twice a week for optimal results. Additionally, you do not have to spend a fortune on buying this facial mask as it is available for just Rs. 575 for 100 gms

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Antheia Essentials Brazilian Purple Mineral Rich Clay Facial Mask ReviewAntheia Essentials Brazilian Purple Mineral Rich Clay Facial Mask Review

After this detailed roundup, I hope you have already got some motivation to look after your skin when you have the chance. Keeping things and yourself clean is one step towards being healthy at this point in time. Not only will it increase your productivity but it will also help to keep you sane. Tell me in the comments section below, what is your skin regime during the lockdown phase and how are you coping with this global pandemic. Before I leave for the day, I would just say “Stay Home, Stay Safe” and I will see you until the next time.


Sayanti, xx