Review: Greenberry Organics Face Cleanser, Face Toner and Face Cream – Binge on Basics

05 March, 2018

Hello lovelies,

How was your Holi? I hope you enjoyed to the fullest and had a super colorful Holi. Holi for me is a festival which makes me binge eat the delicious “gujjiyas”, “shakarpaare” and “namakpaare”. I am not a person who would play Holi vigourously and neither do I love painting faces with harmful chemicals. I stick to organic and herbal colors totally. After Holi was over, some of my cousins complained of getting skin irritation and rashes because of the harmful chemicals present in the “gulaal” and the color pastes.

This made me wonder that we tend to harm our skin and hair just for fun and later on whine when the side effects show up. I was going through the chemical composition of these harmful colors and what effect do they have on our skin. I was utterly shocked and disappointed too. Let us quickly go through these colors, their chemical composition and the side effects that they leave on our skin:

  1. Red Color – Obtained from Mercury Sulphate and may cause impaired vision, retardation and in extreme cases skin cancer too.
  2. Black Color – Contains Lead Oxide. It may cause learning disability or renal failure.
  3. Purple Color – Obtained from Chromium Iodide and may cause asthma or other forms of allergy.
  4. Green Color – Contains Copper Sulphate and may leave you with eye allergies or temporary blindness
  5. Silver Color – Contains Aluminium Bromide and is carcinogenic.

I have a habit of researching a little bit about every product that I may apply on my skin or hair. With cosmetics being an integral part of my daily lifestyle, I stick to natural and herbal products for my daily skincare and hair care routine. Greenberry Organics is one such brand and its products came just in time and I can’t thank Greenberry Organics enough for this. However, there is something special and rather interesting about Greenberry Organics. Scroll down to know how Greenberry Organics is different from others.

Brand Overview

Greenberry Organics is the first brand in India to get ECOCERT Certification. All of their products are 100% plant derived and contains Bio-Active ingredients. All the ingredients used in the manufacturing of Greenberry Organics’ products are bio-degradable and safe for the environment. Greenberry Organics is also certified by Natural Products Association (NPA), USA which is the first and only natural products certification in the USA. NPA is followed by manufacturers from all around the globe. Greenberry Organics also believe in complete transparency and they provide a list of all the ingredients used in the manufacturing of the product.

Apart from all natural and Ayurveda blended products, what makes Greenberry Organics stand out from the other brands is their women-centric organization. Greenberry Organics have 75% female staff and they are determined for the cause of women empowerment too.

You can check out more about Greenberry Organics from their website.


Review: Greenberry Organics Face Cleanser, Face Toner and Face Cream – Binge on Basics

Now, let us quickly see the products that I receive from Greenberry Organics. They are as mentioned below:


Rose and Jojoba Oil Face Wash

The first product that I received was Rose and Jojoba Oil Face Wash (100 ML). It comes in an impressive bottle and is super compact. Yes, you can take it anywhere with you. Coming to the composition, it has two main ingredients namely Rose Oil and Jojoba Oil.

  • Rose Oil – Rose Oil has antiseptic and astringent properties which help in healing the skin. It is also useful in fighting acne and keeps your skin blemish free.
  • Jojoba Oil – Jojoba Oil, as known to everyone, helps in healing sunburns because of its anti-inflammatory properties. This makes it a good face wash for Indian skin type considering the fact that summer is the longest season in India.

This is a non-foaming face wash and after the first application itself, I could feel that it did not leave my skin dry. This is the one thing that I look for in every face wash before I buy it. Most of the face washes available in the market tend to leave your skin dry after application. In addition to this, the moisture was retained for quite a long time and my skin was left glowing and clear.

Rose and Jojoba Oil Face Wash is free from sulphate and paraben too and it has a natural pH level and maintains perfect pH balance after application. This product is suitable for all skin types too. It has a very sweet fragrance of rose and lingers on for a long time. I am not a lover of rose fragrance but for those who love the rose essence, this product is the perfect pick.

I need to use this product for a couple of weeks more to see how effective this product is for fighting acne. I will be updating this section with my verdict on the acne-fighting property of Rose Oil, so keep watching this space.

Greenbery Organics Rose and Jojoba Oil Face Wash Review

Greenbery Organics Rose and Jojoba Oil Face Wash Review

Rose and Jojoba Oil Face Wash is priced 425 INR for 100 ML. Click here to buy!


Fresh Cucumber Mint Toner

The next product is Fresh Cucumber Mint Toner (100 ml). This product is bliss for dull and oily skin types and best for rejuvenating your skin after a tiring day. Girls, this is also an excellent makeup remover and helps in minimizing the pores without tightening the skin too much. Let us now talk about the ingredients of this product:

  • Fresh Cucumber Extract – Everybody knows the goodness that cucumber offers our skin on an intense summer day. Cucumber helps in rejuvenating our skin and helps in decreasing the puffiness of the skin too. It helps in soothing irritated skin because of its high water content. Silica in cucumber helps in firming sagging skin.
  • Natural Witch Hazel Extract & Pentavitin – It helps in removing excess oil from the skin and works as an astringent.
  • Mint (Mentha Piperita) – Mint is anti-inflammatory in nature and leaves a soothing effect on the skin.

For me, this is an excellent makeup remover and it left a soothing sensation on my skin after application. The fragrance is also refreshing and lingers on for a long time.

Greenbery Organics Fresh Cucumber Mint Toner Review

Greenbery Organics Fresh Cucumber Mint Toner Review

Fresh Cucumber Mint Toner is priced 400 INR for 100 ML. Click here to buy it!


Bio-Active Intense Night Cream

The last item that I received was Bio Active Intense Night Cream (50 gms) which is a hydration and anti aging cream. With this product, I am able to pamper my skin while I sleep. Just apply it and leave it overnight and let the finest ingredients do their job and help you recharge your skin. Let us quickly go through the ingredients:

  • Almond Oil – Almond Oil helps in clearing the skin and nourishes the skin deeply. It also helps in clearing the pores by fighting with free radicals.
  • Organic Refined Murumuru Oil – This is rich in Vitamin A and has anti-inflammatory properties. It is also rich in fatty acids and helps in revitalizing cracked skin. The anti-inflammatory nature heals and soothes the skin.
  • Mulberry Extracts – Mulberry is a great anti-oxidant which makes it a great anti-aging material and helps in removing fine lines, wrinkles and skin sagging.

This cream is non-sticky and very lightweight. It did not leave any sticky residue behind. The fragrance is quite soothing and the cream moisturizes the skin well. I need to use this product for a couple of weeks to see how effective it is for removing fine lines. Keep watching this space to know more.

Greenbery Organics Bio Active Intense Night Cream Review

Greenbery Organics Bio Active Intense Night Cream Review

Bio-Active Intense Night Cream is priced 675 INR for 50 gms. Click here to buy it!

*Note - All Greenberry Organics' products have a shelf life of 24 months if the products are unopened. After the product is opened, it is recommended to use the product within 6 months because they have 100% natural botanical preservations.



1. Will I recommend Greenberry Organics to others?

Yes, I would definitely recommend Greenberry Organics to others and why not. People should know about Greenberry Organics and how they are bringing a transformation into the skin care industry by making products from Bio-Active ingredients. Greenberry Organics is a women dominant organization with 75% women staff and is setting an example for everyone by empowering women.

2. Value for money?

All the three products that I received are very reasonable and super affordable. The quantity is also good and considering the goodness all these products possess, I would say that Greenberry Organics’ products come at a very fair price.

3. Will I repurchase products from Greenberry Organics?

Absolutely yes.

4. Which product did I like the most?

I love the Fresh Cucumber Mint Toner the most because of its soothing effect and refreshing smell. It revitalized my skin without making it dry. In addition to that, it is also an excellent makeup remover.

5. Any cons of using Greenberry Organics’ products?

Since I do not like the fragrance of Rose, I was not quite happy with the rose essence of Rose and Jojoba Oil Face Wash. But after using the face wash, I tend to like the product because it treated my skin in an excellent manner. Apart from it, I cannot think of any cons. However, for a person who loves the rose fragrance, this is the perfect pick for you.

Additionally, I always recommend going through a patch test before using any product. Products that work on my skin may not work on your skin in the same manner.

That’s all with the review and I hope you liked and enjoyed reading the review. If you like the review then hit the like button and share it with your friends and family. In case, you have any questions regarding the brand or its products, then leave them in the comments section below and I shall revert back at the earliest possible.  You can also follow hashtag #BingeonBasics on Instagram to keep yourself updated with more such reviews and the upcoming fashion trends.

*Disclaimer: This is a PR Sample. Honest Review.