ZEE5 REJCTX 2 - What makes this thriller a portrayal of perfect teen friendship

27 May, 2020

The global pandemic has changed our lives forever. Work from home has become the new normal while some businesses have hit the wall. All these series of events have definitely given a large blow to the entertainment industry, as out of home entertainment is not an option anymore (at least not for a few months). Reeling under the effects of social distancing and the nation-wide lockdown, we are relying on the OTT entertainment now more than ever. The television shows have already run out of content, so these OTT platforms are our new best friends. To be honest, I never thought that I would subscribe to these many OTT platforms someday. But here we are, in the middle of an apocalypse, serving our appetite for entertainment through binge-watching shows across such platforms. Even though we have so many shows at our disposal, we are constantly asking “What should I watch next?”. My entire feed is literally filled with suggestions of different genres of series and movies. This need for content consumption has made me watch every single show that I dared to watch previously. I can now safely say that I am the new expert on suggesting the most watchable shows ever. One such binge-watch worthy original series is REJCTX 2 on ZEE5. Without wasting much of your time, I will quickly tell you what this show is about, what are the hooking points, and why this series should be on your watchlist. Let’s hop in.


ZEE5 REJCTX 2 Banner Image

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ZEE5 REJCTX 2 Banner Image

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What REJCTX 2 is all about?

If you haven’t watched season 1, then you must watch it (it’s a no-brainer). If you are unsure about giving this series a try, here is what you need to know. This show revolves around the lives of millennial teens from elite families in Jefferson school which is open exclusively to the nobility. This is an interesting and refreshing perspective to watch as it depicts the hardships faced by the privileged kids. We all have been watching shows and movies, which portrays that basically every privileged kid gets everything on a silver platter and they practically have nothing to do their whole lives. They are happy, spoiled, and splurge money anytime they want. That is because we have always watched it from the viewpoint of a person who does not belong to the elite society. This show is opposite of the predictable and cringy plots and the perspective is shifted 360 degrees. Everyone has their own messes in life and to think that because someone is rich, they do not have to deal with problems or their problems are superficial, is absurd. The show majorly focuses on 7 friends (Aarav, Kiara, Sehmat, Maddy, Harry, Misha, and Parnamitra) who are using a creative outlet to handle rejections they have faced throughout their lives. I am in absolute awe of the real friendship that is seen in between these 7 friends who are trying to overcome their dark pasts together. These high school kids are survived by their dean played by my oh-so favourite Sumeet Vyas, which makes it even more intriguing to watch. Now comes the gripping thriller angle, the mysterious death of Anushka Rao (played by Kubbra Sait), and the prime suspect being Aarav Sharma (played Ahmed Masi Wali). I absolutely love a murder mystery, but what I love more is the fact that it is being solved by a female cop, Rene (played by the very gorgeous Esha Deol). This female cop wants to make it big in a world that is dominated by males.

What are the hooking points

What’s the very first thing you see in any show or a movie? The cast. With an ensemble star cast consisting of Kubbra Sait, Sumeet Vyas, Esha Deol, and Ahmed Masi, this show is a treat to watch. The next hooking point is the plot which will keep you engaged throughout the episodes as Rene comes closer to solving the murder mystery of Anushka Rao. A quick question here, is a murder mystery enough to get you glued to your mobile screen? No. This show is much more than just a murder mystery. This dark high school drama will offer you a milieu of other issues like body image issues, bullying, dysfunctional families, gender fluidity which make these 7 friends social rejects. The way they express their emotional challenges throughout the series with the help of music is captivating. If all this is not enough for you to raise your curiosity, then you might as well look for a faceless “Mr. X” who is making it even harder for every member of REJCTX by setting traps for them. The best part that will make you watch the entire season in one go is the splendour and viewing experience which is no less than a big-budgeted Bollywood movie.

Why this series should be on your watchlist

This show has something for everyone, from love, betrayal, suspense, raunchy scenes, action, and even doppelgangers, you get the best of everything. If you are a music lover, then this show is a definite yes. Every song has a fizz in the lyrics that leaves a huge impact on your mind. Additionally, it is interesting to see Sumeet Vyas in a completely different character as he overcomes his happy-go-lucky image. Overall, this show will take you to darker and deeper places and the brilliant performances of the actor keep the show in amazing stead. This show is a brave and progressed attempt in the context of the Indian audience. REJECT 2 has been successful in causing a stir and is being watched with high levels of curiosity.

Coming to the drawbacks, the only thing that I felt was lacking is the feeling amongst the actors while they were singing. It felt a little bit disconnected at some points and I was not sure where the makers were taking it. Also in my opinion, there were too many raunchy scenes that were not adding anything to the real element, rather shifting my focus from the elephant in the room (the murder mystery). 

Join the bandwagon, and go watch it before you start getting the spoilers from your BFF. Do let me know in the comments section below, what do you think about the show and was it up to your expectations. Additionally, you can also tell me what shows you are watching on ZEE5 so that I can watch them too.

Until the next show,

Sayanti, xx