The best guide to up your at-home skincare routine

23 August, 2020

While this pandemic has been hard on all of us in terms of our job, our lifestyle, our habits. Shifting to a new way of living and adapting rapidly to survive in the harsh reality can be a minefield. The tasks which were once so easy to achieve and probably the most neglected ones, now hold greater importance in our lives. I mean who would have imagined a world, where going to the nearest grocery store would feel like going into a battlefield, with masks, sanitizers, and face shields as your weapons. Or eating street food with friends will look like a distant dream. So much has changed in the past couple of months and it seems that we are stuck in an alternate reality of the multiverse. While we are evolving and everything is changing in a blink, there are some things that will never change (at least in my space) and that is my inseparable bond with my skincare routine. I see so many DIY at-home remedies daily and my feed is filled with them. I have tried so many routines and I have failed in some too. So, I have made it a point to stick to the basics when it comes to taking care of our skin. Though I know a lot of fancy remedies that really work wonders, but for me, the good old routines work the best. They give me dual benefit - Firstly, they make my skin happy, and secondly, they are time saving and fuss-free. Every time I try a new remedy, I have to invest so much time in knowing the in and out of it and if it will actually suit my skin and not do the complete opposite. My mantra has always been very simple - Simplicity is the key. And today, I will tell you exactly how to take care of your skin at your home without scouring for a plethora of ingredients all by yourself. 

Now the question comes, “What are the alternatives to DIY home remedies?”. I know that you are just like the rest of us who are interested in clean and natural beauty - “Beauty with a Conscience”. Gone are the days, when having a fair complexion was favored than having healthy skin. Not only that people are strongly rebelling against the use of nasty chemicals and artificial methods to make one look younger and beautiful. On top of all this, the pandemic has made us all realize the importance of supporting local products and home-grown businesses. Not only this will be a boost to our economy but we will thrive in all aspects. Imagine when you are using products that are made by our own people, not only you are empowering them, you are actually doing a favor to yourself and to our country. HOW? - Well the answer is simple, nobody knows our skin type better than our people. They have had the same childhood and they know all the “Dadi maa ke nuskey”. They know very well, what our skin needs on a deeper level. All the products that are created here, know the weather we live in, the nutrition we take, and the skin type that we have. All these factors contribute to the effectiveness of a product and our home-grown brands already excel in it. Keeping all this in mind, I am continuously on the lookout for home-grown brands that put all the ingredients that our skin needs in a bottle and deliver it to us. One such brand that I have recently come across is Deyga. Before I reveal the products that I use from Deyga, let us know a little more about this brand and how it fits the bill. 

The best guide to up your at-home skincare routine using Deyga products

“Deyga is a home-grown brand. All their products are 100% cruelty-free, sustainable, handmade by using natural and pure ingredients directly from nature, and of course the recipes are traditional.”  


Let us now move on to the products that I have tried out so far and currently using religiously. The first one is my oh-so favorite Deyga Aloe Vera Gel. Without further ado, let us now move to the detailed review and how this product has helped me to up my at-home skincare routine.


Deyga Aloe Vera Gel

When it comes to taking care of your skin, there are a few ingredients that you rely upon. One such ingredient is Aloe Vera. There are countless benefits of Aloe Vera on our skin, which if I start to list down right now, it will probably take the whole day. Long story short, Aloe Vera is my one-stop solution to so many skin problems. Aloe Vera is an excellent moisturizer and keeps dry skin problems at bay. Aloe Vera adds moistures without leaving a greasy residue, which makes it the best skin hydration ingredient for people with oily skin. Adding on to the never-ending list, Aloe Vera has anti-inflammatory properties, fights skin-aging, good for treating acne, sunburn, and dark spots. The list goes on and on. I personally use Aloe Vera Gel as my everyday moisturizer and before applying any makeup. Last month, I got my hands on Deyga Aloe Vera Gel and I have been using it for a month now. Deyga Aloe Vera Gel comes at a very affordable price of Rs. 350 for 100g (if you buy 2 units, you get them for Rs. 640). I would not lie, my first thought after knowing its price was that it would be as effective as the Aloe Vera Gels by other brands. Every good thing is either expensive or just sold out. But to my amazement, this product actually works like a charm at half the price. It feels like all the goodness of Aloe Vera is just infused into this tiny little bottle. It is as good as applying the Aloe Vera Gel, directly from the plant. This is majorly because of the fact that Deyga uses natural and pure ingredients without any nasty chemicals to leave any side effects on your skin. I remember my childhood days when I used to watch my Grandma and mom, scraping the Aloe Vera gel from the leaves and then using it on their skin. I am reminded of that moment every time, I apply it too. Deyga Aloe Vera Gel has become an integral part of my skincare routine. I apply it every night before dozing off and after my waxing sessions. It soothes my skin and gets rid of the irritation. Brownie points to this product for its fragrance that instantly refreshes and lifts my mood and lingers on for so long. If you want to give this a try, then shop it by clicking this link.

Deyga Aloevera Gel ReviewDeyga Aloevera Gel Review

Deyga Aloevera Gel ReviewDeyga Aloevera Gel Review

Deyga Rose Glow Serum

Remember the childhood days, when every girl you know would apply a bucketload of rose water to their faces, in the hope that it would give their cheeks that peachy rose glow. In reality, the rose water is derived from rose essential oils. The effectiveness of the rose water depends on the amount of rose essential oil in it. This is the only reason why the effects of rose water seem to be negligent on our skin even after using it for ages. To enable the rose essential oils to work, replace your rosewater with a serum like Deyga Rose Glow Serum. Serums work the best because they get absorbed in the skin quickly and effectively. My major inclination towards this brand is only because of the price point. On average, a good effective serum would cost you a minimum of Rs. 1500 in the market, whereas Deyga Rose Glow Serum comes at a price of Rs. 790 only (for 30 ml). What is more interesting is the fact that the products are natural and handmade. A deal that is hard to turn down. Deyga Rose Glow Serum houses powerful ingredients like Rose Essential Oil, Rosehip Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, Saffron, and Almond Oil. All these oils work at a deeper level in the skin and repair it from within. Together, they make sure that the appearance of fine lines is minimized, the skin is healed, dark spots vanish, and your skin is left with a natural and everlasting glow. Though this serum can be used in multiple ways, my absolute favorite way is to use it before makeup. Not only does it moisturize my skin and protects it from the effects of makeup, but it also helps my makeup to blend in perfectly and adhere to the skin nicely. Trust me on this, and apply it before applying any makeup and watch your skin gleam. You can shop it from Deyga’s official website by clicking this link.

Deyga Rose Glow Serum ReviewDeyga Rose Glow Serum Review

Deyga Rose Glow Serum ReviewDeyga Rose Glow Serum Review

Deyga Strawberry Lip Scrub

Just like our face, our lips need to be cared for equally. Imagine a flawless and glowing face with chapped lips. Irksome right. Just by the thought of cracked lips, I get this cringe feeling. When you are so hellbent on achieving the perfect look for every occasion, you cannot neglect your lips. Soft and plump lips are an absolute must in my skincare routine and to achieve it, I rely on lip scrubs. Earlier, I had used a few lip scrubs that were not up to the mark. This made me switch to DIY lip scrubs that did work but cost me a good amount of time. When I was scrolling through Deyga’s website and checking out their products, I came across this lip scrub (priced at Rs. 290 for 20g). I thought of giving it a try. To my surprise, this tiny box is filled with some of the ingredients that I myself used in my DIY lip scrub. When my DIY lip scrub worked, this has to work too as it contains so much more than my lip scrub. It did not disappoint me a tiny bit, to be honest. My lips feel nourished, soft, supple, revived, and plump after using this lip scrub. It has all the ingredients that a powerful lip scrub would have starting from Shea butter, granulated sugar, rich avocado oil, sweet almond oil, and strawberry essential oil. It is very gentle on my lips, has a sweet fragrance, and removes the dead skin like a pro. I usually use it twice a week before applying my lipstick. One thing to note here is - Do not use the lip scrub if your lips have any open cuts or are sunburned. This product has won my heart and if you want to check it out, then buy 2 units at once from Deyga’s website at a discounted price of Rs. 520

Deyga Strawberry Lip Scrub Review Deyga Strawberry Lip Scrub Review

Deyga Strawberry Lip Scrub Review Deyga Strawberry Lip Scrub Review

Hope this guide helped you in moving one step closer to your perfect skincare regime. Always remember that the products are only as good as the ingredients they have in it. Identify your skin problems and then look for the ingredients that will solve those problems. Once you mapped it all, then seek the products with these specific ingredients and you will never be disappointed with your purchases. In case you are interested in quick skincare reviews, then make sure to follow me on my Instagram

Until the next review, 

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