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18 March, 2018

Hello girl bosses,

How are you all? I hope you all had a wonderful Women’s Day and here is me wishing you all a very Happy Women’s Day once again. I understand if you were quite the center of attraction on Women’s Day and you did not catch up with my Women’s day post which was specially curated for the PERFECT women out there. You can check it out here but before that mind it, this post is especially for the PERFECT women. 

For those who wish to know what I did on women’s day, just brace yourselves up. I was stuck up volunteering in my college fest and I missed a pretty amazing soul talk session with some wonderful women. Yes, it was that bad! But my Women’s Day got a bit cheerful when I received this Girl Boss Subscription Box from GlamEgo. This Girl Boss box is specially curated to celebrate GlamEgo’s First Anniversary. I hope most of you are familiar with subscription boxes but for those who are not, here you go. Subscription boxes are specially curated boxes that may contain something related to either fashion, accessories, makeup, skincare or it may contain all of them. Subscriptions boxes are still new for some people in India but it is quite a trend outside India. Subscription boxes come at some package costs and they are super affordable and you save yourself the trouble of selecting the right brand from you from a sea of brands. The boxes are specially curated keeping your needs in mind and delivered to your doorstep with utmost care. Isn’t that amazing?

This is the first time I am reviewing a subscription box and, to be honest, I was quite excited to receive the box and unbox it. So without further ado, I will get to the unboxing.

Brand Overview

GlamEgo is monthly subscription box service and they provide Premium and Luxury Products at a very affordable price. GlamEgo is one of the top online subscription service brands in India and it deals with beauty and skincare.  They have four subscription plans.

  1. 1 Month Subscription – 399 INR per box
  2. 3 Months Subscription – 329 INR per box, which totals to 987 INR
  3. 6 Months Subscription – 299 INR per box, which totals to 987 INR
  4. 12 Months Subscription – 289 INR per box, which totals to 987 INR

All the subscription boxes include four to five products with shipping. They have some great well known organic brands for skincare, which is an absolute necessity nowadays. To subscribe to their monthly subscription service, click here. To know more about GlamEgo, visit their website.


I am quite impressed by the packaging totally and tbh, I love the “Girl Boss” label over it. The color scheme instantly caught my attention and it is a sturdy reusable magnetic lid box. I will probably use this box in creating something more artistic in future. There is always a special place in my home for everything that has even the slightest work of art in it.

GlamEgo Anniversary Edition Subscription Box for March 2018 | Girl Boss Edition

GlamEgo Anniversary Edition Subscription Box for March 2018 | Girl Boss Edition | Mondsub Black Peeling Off Mask Charcoal | Kronokare Pollu Stop Hair | Bella Voste Gel Eye Liner | Bella Voste Nail Enamel | Aroma Magic Reviving Oxy Pack |  Product Flatlay

Inside the box, I received five total products. Let us check out the products one by one:


Mond’Sub Peeling off Black Mask Charcoal

First we have Mond’Sub Peeling Off Black Mask Charcoal and it is for both men and women. This is my favorite of all the products and honestly, it was on my wishlist for so long. This charcoal mask deep cleanses your skin and makes it free from all the impurities. It has Volcanic mud and Charcoal powder which penetrates to the bottom of the skin. This enables deep cleansing of the skin from the impurities. Arbutin Extract is also present in it which suppresses Melanin precipitation and therefore keeps the skin brighter and whiter.

After the first application, I could see a considerable difference on my face. It is definitely effective for blackhead removal too. The best part is my skin was not left dry after the application and it was literally glowing.

The net content of Mond’Sub Peeling off Black Mask Charcoal is 100 ML and it is worth 1000 INR. It has a shelf life of 3 years.

*Note: It is recommended that this black peeling off mask shall be avoided any contact with the eyes.

GlamEgo Anniversary Edition Subscription Box for March 2018 | Girl Boss Edition | Mondsub Black Peeling Off Mask Charcoal | Product Flatlay

Bella Voste Gel Eye Liner

Next we have a makeup product, Bella Voste Gel Eye Liner (Velvet Black 01). With this subscription, we have a choice of choosing an eye makeup from Bella Voste. The choice can be made from three products namely, Bella Voste Eyebrow liner, Bella Voste Mascara or Bella Voste Gel Eye Liner. Since my own liner was running out, I decided to get my hands on this Gel Eye Liner from Bella Voste and give it a try.

This eyeliner works absolutely great. It is waterproof and lasts up to 8 straight hours. It honestly glides onto my eyelid very evenly. The velvet black pulls off quite well. It is dermatologically and ophthalmologically proven and is free of paraffin, preservatives and animal-derived ingredients. This eyeliner is worth 399 INR and its net weight is 1.2 G/0.04 OZ.

Note: It is recommended that this eyeliner must not be used in the waterline.

GlamEgo Anniversary Edition Subscription Box for March 2018 | Girl Boss Edition | Bella Voste Gel Eye Liner | Product Flatlay

Kronokare Pollu-Stop Hair

Next we have a revolutionary product from Kronokare, namely Kronokare Pollu-Stop Hair. Why is it revolutionary? Well, the answer to that is, it is one of the products in the market that helps in fighting pollution. It acts as a protective screen for your hair against pollution. I am so happy and excited about this product because it is definitely one of kind considering the fact that New Delhi is amongst the world’s most polluted cities. Bonus points to this product because it can also be used before exposing your hair to heating or other hair styling treatments.

I apply it before leaving my house in the morning and it is very lightweight and non-sticky. It does not leave any sticky residue behind. I applied it before ironing my hair and honestly, I did protect my hair from that excessive heat. It is to be applied on dry and clean hair. It is also free from sulphate, paraben, mineral oil and silicone and is suitable for all hair types. It is cruelty-free and has a recyclable packaging too.

Kronokare Pollu-Stop Hair is worth 395 INR for 30 ML.

GlamEgo Anniversary Edition Subscription Box for March 2018 | Girl Boss Edition | Kronokare Pollu Stop Hair | Product Flatlay

Aroma Magic Reviving Oxy Pack

The next product that I received was Aroma Magic Reviving Oxy Pack. It is an overnight leave on pack for All Skin Types. It is also free of parabens and harsh chemicals. It contains aloe vera gel and lavender essential oils that help in detoxifying the skin. It also has grapefruit, white lotus and witch hazel extracts that are known anti-oxidants and help in stimulating blood circulation.

After applying on the skin for 15-20 minutes, rinse off with water. I have observed no side effects and it is made from organic substances. My skin feels refreshed, however, I have not seen any considerable difference so far after using it for a week. I shall get back to you after using it for a few weeks more.

Aroma Magic Reviving Oxy Pack is worth 90 INR for 20 gm.

GlamEgo Anniversary Edition Subscription Box for March 2018 | Girl Boss Edition | Aroma Magic Reviving Oxy Pack |  Product Flatlay

Bella Voste Premium Nail Enamel – As a return gift 

Finally, the last product I received in GlamEgo’s Anniversary Edition was Bella Voste Premium Nail Enamel (Color Code 630) as a return gift. I loved the subtle color of the nail enamel. The color of the nail enamel may differ in other subscription boxes.

Bella Voste Premium Nail Enamel is worth 149 INR for 6 ML.


Total Price of the Products in the GlamEgo Subscription Box for March 2018 is 2033 INR (1000 + 395 + 399 + 90 + 149 INR). I honestly feel that it is super awesome to get such organic products and makeup items worth 2000 INR for as low as 399 INR (for 1 month), or 299 INR (for 6 months). It is a great deal and worth the hype.



1. Will I recommend GlamEgo to others?

Yes, I would definitely recommend GlamEgo to others because it is one of the top subscription services brands in India and secondly you get skincare and makeup products at a very affordable price.

2. Value for money?

You are getting products worth 2000 INR for 299 INR. Do I need to say more?

3. Will I subscribe to GlamEgo subscription boxes in future?

Absolutely yes.

4. Which product did I like the most in the subscription box?

I loved two products a lot. One is Mond’Sub Black Peeling Off Mask Charcoal as it was on my wishlist for long and I wanted to give it a try as well. The other one is Kronokare Pollu-Stop Hair for protecting my hair from New Delhi’s ever-growing air pollution. Both the products worked wonders for me.

5. Any cons of using products from the GlamEgo subscription box?

Since the subscription box has items specially curated for your skin and hair type and mostly all products are organic, I feel there should be no cons of using the products inside the box. Since the products in the box change every month, I am not quite sure what you will get in the future subscriptions.  I observed no side effects on my skin or hair after using any of their products.

Additionally, I always recommend going through a patch test before using any product. Products that work on my skin may not work on your skin in the same manner.

That’s all with the review and I hope you liked and enjoyed reading the review. If you like the review then hit the like button and share it with your friends and family. In case, you have any questions regarding the brand or its products, then leave them in the comments section below and I shall revert back at the earliest possible. You can also follow hashtag #BingeonBasics on Instagram to keep yourself updated with more such reviews and the upcoming fashion trends.

*Disclaimer: This is a PR Sample. Honest Review.